Kim Jong UN is the ultimate manifestation of evil.  He has ultimate power and he is undoubtedly a sociopath. 

The North Korean people are living in hell and what’s sad is that many have no idea that life is any different because it’s all they have ever known.  The brainwashing starts at birth to worship Kim Jong UN and to never question the wishes of the state.

In North Korea there is only one message, do what you are told and keep quiet or you will end up in a concentration camp performing forced backbreaking labor.   The treatment in these camps is reported to be horrific where the guards can do whatever they please with the prisoners.  I won’t go into the graphic details but I am sure you can visualize what I am referring to.  Does this strike a resemblance to 1941-45 Germany?  No one knows the number of people in these camps because few ever escape and those that do are deathly afraid to tell their stories.

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson is exactly right when he says that Russia and China are enabling North Korea to do what it is doing.  They have to be.  North Korea produces no products they can sell to bring in revenue.  How are they getting the technology and the wherewithal to produce these missiles?  I really find it hard to believe that modern China and Russia are helping this sociopath.  Putin is certainly old enough to remember the atrocities that occurred to the Russians in WWII.  He and the Chinese are enabling those same atrocities to occur yet again.



If you want to really understand how low Russia and North Korea will go, please see this article from the New York Times.  Here you have a source of income for North Korea with Russia buying slave labor.  In 2017 slavery is still alive and well. 






Clinton, Bush, and Obama have kicked the diplomatic can to the end of the road.  No sanctions will work as long as China and Russia are providing for North Korea using back channels.  North Korea is very close to having a missile that could strike our homeland. 

If you believe he would not do this, you are being foolish.  He is a sociopath; he does not care about life, all he wants to do is end life.  Never forget this.  Any person that would do what he is doing to his own people would certainly not hesitate to do maximum harm to other people.

The world must be rid of Kim Jon UN.  There will always be another, but hopefully not for another few generations.   This is the evil we must eradicate.