Remember the TV show Beverly Hillbillies?  Well some of the lyrics of the show’s theme song included the words “California the place you ought to be.”  Well, not so much anymore unless of course you want to increase our chance of contracting hepatitis. 

This is yet another example of the failure of socialism and the liberal policies that exist in California.  I have a friend that recently took his wife to San Diego for a vacation.  They stayed in an Airbnb condominium near downtown.  This condo was near a park and it should have been nice but instead it was horribly offensive.  The city has furnished homeless people with tents and free food and they have set up semi-permanent living areas in the park.  What the city did not furnish is restroom facilities.  The homeless are defecating and urinating in the park and on the streets around the park.  My friend said when you walked out of the condo the first thing you smell is raw sewage.  Nice place to take your wife huh?

Talking with some Uber drivers my friend says they know this is hurting tourism.  They see it.  One of the drivers said that a bus from Los Angeles arrives twice a week dropping off more homeless in San Diego.

I have yet another friend that was in San Francisco visiting relatives and they went down to the waterfront area to eat at a nice restaurant.  When they got there the odor of sewage is the first thing he smelled.  He said many homeless people were present and he even saw a man urinating on the sidewalk.

Hepatitis is almost at epidemic levels in California due to people coming in contact with untreated human waste.

I have nothing against homeless people.  I feel sorry for them for whatever reason they are homeless.  Why isn’t the city, county, or state government providing port-a-potties for the homeless?  The answer is simple, they don’t have the money.  The socialist programs have left all the governments broke.

Clearly the homeless are not going away.  California has beautiful weather almost year round with little rainfall.  This being said, you cannot allow people to relieve themselves in the street; you must provide them with sanitation to protect others living in proximity of the homeless.  The answer to this issue is not to ship your homeless somewhere else.   One answer to help pay for the needed service is to have the homeless perform tasks such as picking up trash along the roadways, working in food banks, working at recycle centers, or any other task that could help finance the needed sanitation.

The homeless provide services and they receive services.  Right now, the citizens of California are getting exposed to hepatitis and losing revenue as a result in a drop in tourism.  Something needs to change and it must happen quickly.