Treason; that is exactly what is happening in Washington D.C.  The Democratic Party would rather cause America to fail than to see President Trump succeed.  They would potentially sacrifice the lives of American intelligence workers in their quest to cause trouble for President Trump.  The mainstream media is no better as they fabricate stories that damage America. 

This week Hillary Clinton announced the formation of another PAC to raise money as the Clinton Foundation donations have reportedly dropped 900%.  Why have the donations dropped so dramatically?  Could it be that the ability to influence has disappeared?  I wonder how the Russians are using our uranium that Hillary approved to sell.

I wonder how many people have died as a result of Hillary Clinton having private servers containing super sensitive intelligence material that was hacked by God knows who.

What about the lies about Benghazi and the disappearing act of Obama.  Can you imagine how those people felt as they cried out for help and their own government let them die?

What about how Obama relaxed the rules on who could be wiretapped and ease dropped on in the last year of his administration?  Why did he do that?

Who is looking at this?  Where is the socialist media?  Where is Congress?

Does it surprise anyone that people who would close the national monuments during the summer would not resort to treason?

What we have now is a shadow government committing treason to discredit President Trump at all cost.  If it means the end of America, then so be it.

But here is their problem; the people that elected President Trump know how despicable the Democratic Party is.  We know that Hillary, Schumer, Obama, Soros, the media and a host of others want to see America fail and socialism prevail.  They want to see freedom fail.

We must support our President.  We must not be blinded by fake news or lies from the Democrats.  We cannot let those who would destroy our country prevail.  The Democrats are desperate to spread their ideology as a cancer across our country.  It is socialism and the end of America.

Stand up and stand strong for freedom and democracy and may God help us succeed.