Sean Hannity is trying to hang on.  He has his talk show on radio and his spot on the Fox News channel and it appears he has a target painted on his back by several liberal attack groups.

I have never met Sean but I listen to him some on the radio and I can tell you he is an honest man.  He loves his family, he cares about his employees, and he loves America. 

He speaks the truth about the horrible corruption in Washington D.C. and how the shadow government is out to destroy our country and our way of life.  His comments about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are spot on.  He sees them for what they are, radical, socialist who want to spend our money and keep theirs.  I can’t believe people would donate money to Hillary or any of the Clintons as they take money and sell America down the drain.  Hannity tried to warn everyone about Obama and his ties with Bill Ayers, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright but as usual, not one of the major networks would even air the story.

Now the left wing socialist radicals led probably by George Soros are trying to end Sean’s career.  You may not agree with what Sean says or what he believes but you have to defend his right to say what he believes and to support his family if he can do this in the process.  So far many people agree with Sean, well over 2 million, and yes, he has been able to support his family.  I will guarantee to that Sean works very hard, he does tons of research, and then has to prepare himself every day for his radio show and later, his TV show.   I’ll bet that Sean’s family wants to see more of him, but Sean is driven to voice the concerns of conservatives, freedom minded people who believe in limited government.

Sean knew this election was critical for our country.  We were, and still are at a tipping point between socialism and democracy.  This is why Sean, early on, picked and supported Donald Trump as the Republican candidate.  Why, because he knew Trump had the intestinal fortitude to stand-up to and the message to defeat the Clinton machine.  Even now, the Clintons, Obama, Soros, and the radical left are trying to destroy our country by destroying our Presidency.

Hang in there Sean, there are millions of us out here who appreciate what you do every day, and I know that means something to you.  You are a professional and you have passion for your purpose and we know that.  You are one of the few voices of freedom we have left and we need you to stay strong.  Please don’t let the radicals snuff out your voice that lights the way to liberty so we can hand this freedom off to our children.