At no time in my life has our country been more at risk in becoming just another socialist country than now.  For the last 8 years we have seen respect for law and order deteriorate to the lowest levels I have ever seen.  Why is this?  This has happened because the leaders of our country, the President, Sec. of State, Attorney General and on down the list have shown that they are above the law and not beholding to the Constitution or the laws that have been passed by the legislature and signed into law by former Presidents.  They use whatever departments they chose to inflict harm on those who do not agree with their ideology or voice opposition to their methods of conducting the operation of their departments.  They rule by intimidation and threats.  In this election we will make a huge decision and either the Republic will live or it will cease to exist.  This is no exaggeration and you need to take it very seriously.

President Obama has trampled on our Constitution.  He thinks the document is outdated and needs to be more reflective of our times. You know what; if that is the way he felt he should have worked with the legislative branch to change it.  If he would have done that, our Republic would not be where it is right now.  Instead, he used his ethnicity as a weapon and created executive actions to get his own way in his own time.  The Constitution was written to avoid the very actions Obama has taken.  The founders of our country left England to escape tyranny and oppression and to set up a representative government for all of the people.  They did not leave England to set up a dictatorship.

The laws of our country should apply to all people, and no person shall be above the law.  Our government was set up with checks and balances to prevent overreach by any one branch.  This assumes that each branch will follow the rule of law.  This administration has disrespected the Constitution and the rule of law.  Who would have ever thought that the IRS would have been used as a weapon against those groups that differ in opinion with the current administration?  This happens in Communist regimes frequently.  Do you remember Dr. Ben Carson telling his story of how after he made his speech at the Presidents Prayer breakfast he became a target of the IRS?  President Obama did not like his speech and all of a sudden he became an audit target for the IRS.  Same story and situation with the Tea Party groups.  Did anyone go to jail for this abuse of power?  No, nothing was done.  Swept under the rug, gone.  This is dangerous.

Why has no action been taken to stop this abuse of power?  Why are we losing our country and the rule of law?  You know why; because it’s hard work and risky work if you are a politician.  We no longer have a free press in this country.  It is owned and operated by the left.  This makes it almost impossible for people who live by the rule of law and love our country to get their message out.  This and the fact that our President will use his ethnicity and others will use it to label anyone that calls him out, as a racist.  Here is something all you journalist should really think about, how many news networks, magazines, websites, and newspapers do communist/socialist countries have?  I’ll give you a clue, many fewer than we have.  So while you support the left and no rule of law, understand you are supporting the demise of your career.  You say that will never happen in my lifetime, really; check out Fidel Castro and Cuba and how fast democracy fell in the late 1950’s and 60’s.  Yeah you say, but that was there, and a long time ago.  I say, look where we are now, look where we are going, and look at the speed we are travelling.

There are a long list of questionable decisions and actions that President Obama and his administration have taken.

Read this about Solyndra and nobody went to jail.  The money disappeared. Over 500 million dollars of taxpayer money, our money, gone in the wind.

What about Bo Bergdahl and trading 5 senior Afghan leaders for his freedom.  Read what his fellow soldiers said about him.  His freedom was supposed to be a political diamond instead it ended up a lump of coal.  Once again, a unilateral action taken by Obama with no regard for input from the legislative branch.  What is my conclusion? He was a deserter that we already sent men into harm’s way to look for.  He made the choice to abandon his post.  We should not have traded the Taliban officers for him.

Benghazi and the abandonment and death of Americans.  Read about what the survivors say. What is my conclusion? How can you argue with live drone footage and radio traffic as our people beg for help?  You can’t, so they were left to die for political reasons, plain and simple.  I guess Obama and Hillary can live with it, and that being said, do we want her leading our country?  If she is willing to sacrifice the sanctity of life to remain politically aloof what else is left?

The Iran nuclear deal.  What an abysmal nightmare.  Again, no input for anywhere in the legislative branch.  This is Obama going rouge and cutting a deal for what?  Why?  Does anybody really believe the Iranians will live up to any of this?  Only one person has to, Obama.  And yes we sent 400 million dollars in cash for the release of our hostages.  Talk about sending a message.  Awesome.  Read about it here:  My conclusion; this administration is desperate for legacy building material.  This was nothing more than that.  A pitiful exercise in futility.  Iran sponsors terrorism.  They are not trustworthy.  They have vowed to destroy Israel.  Why would you give them the time of day?

Obama and Hillary on immigration.  He is not enforcing laws on the books and she plans on rewarding illegal immigrants with immediate amnesty.  Yet another example of not fulfilling your oath of office.  Legal immigration is not that hard to do.  I know, I have been through this twice myself.  Matter of fact, I could offer ways that I know would streamline the system and make it more achievable for more immigrants.  Also, we need a more robust guest worker program one that does not burden us, the people that pay taxes.

A lawless mentality from leadership filters down through all levels of society.  Now we have our police officers being targeted.  This even scares politicians.  Police officers, God bless them, are the only thing that stands between a stable society and anarchy.  When those of us in non-government jobs, who try and make a living for our families everyday read and see the things I have previously mentioned transpire over and over again; the law and what is ethical become a blur.  The mentality that “Why should I obey the law when those that writing and sworn to uphold them are not?”  Actions like what Hillary and Obama have and are doing denigrate society and leave deep festering wounds that take generations to heal.

I don’t care what political party you belong to, what I have written here about today should make you re-evaluate where we are in America.  Where you are, and what direction we are headed in.  If you want a socialist /communist government we are headed in the right direction.  If you believe in freedom, liberty, the rule of law, and the power of individualism, then we must change course.  We cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.

We must vote for the only hope America has; Donald Trump.

So prepare to vote and vote smart, vote to stay free, vote for the rule of law, and vote for the future happiness of your children and grandchildren.

Freedom is not Free.