Most of the American press is not credible.  Their reporting is more propaganda than factual.  It is very sad that I have to read the UK Daily news to get something close to real reporting about what is going on in America.

Congratulations American media you have successfully undermined yourselves to the point that most of us who understand your motives do not watch, listen, or believe anything you are reporting on.  Oh, you still have your followers, the people that burn businesses, break windows, beat people who don’t believe the way they do and don’t work.  A very distinguished audience you have, you should be proud.

So please, keep up the great work as you use your puppets like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and all of the other losers who defend your complete disregard of the truth.  As you continue to report with such bias it just reaffirms our conviction in the very people you seek to discredit.  Brilliant.

I really find it hard to believe that you find sponsors for your pathetic performances.  Your news shows must be heavily subsidized from other successful shows on your networks.

How does it feel to have a broadcast that only a few believe?