“Immigration is an Application to Enter America”

It is amazing to me how bad the left, liberals, socialist, and Democrats want to destroy America.  They do not believe in the rule of law.  They believe you can selectively enforce the law and ignore or disobey laws they do not like.  I don’t understand their culture of hate and hypocrisy.

For far too long, laws in this country have not been enforced around immigration.  Either we enforce them or just open the borders to whomever wants to come in.  Just allow anybody in, rapist, terrorist, drug gangs, pedophiles and sociopaths.  Welcome to America, please feel free to do whatever you wish to our children, elderly, and normal law abiding citizens.

Do you think Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and the movie stars will feel any of this agony?  Will they feel the loss of a loved one?  Will they feel the agony and huge negative impact of a horrible crime committed against their family members?  No they will not.  Why, because they don’t live the life we live.  Their world is protected from these evil people.  They have no problem putting you at a risk they will never encounter.

They will say “Well the overwhelming number of immigrants just want to better themselves and are not criminals.”  This is true, but don’t we owe it to ourselves to have a lawful approach to immigration?  If one child rape can be prevented shouldn’t we do everything we can to prevent that?  If one gang murder can be prevented should we try and prevent this?  If one act of terrorism can be prevented shouldn’t we try and be proactive and prevent this?  So what if it takes people longer to immigrate here is the world going to end?

The issue is that the elite class doesn’t care about the safety of normal people.  The elite class uses the socialist media to publicize their message of hate instead of public safety.  Why, because they do not live in the world of public safety.  They live in the world of elite safety where they live in a bubble we cannot qualify for.  Private schools for their children and grandchildren, walls around their homes, sophisticated security systems, paid security companies that protect them whenever they come into our world.

It is not apples to apples, and guess what, it never will be.  This is why having immigration laws on the books should prevent the elite class from benefitting from open borders and putting us at a higher risk that they will never encounter.

Laws should level the playing field and when they are not enforced the field is sloped and those at the top of the slope fair better than those at the bottom.

You better wake up America; there are a lot of bad people out there that want to destroy us.  They hate us.  Don’t forget 9/11.  I will promise you that if they find a way; these people will hurt us much worse than this if they can.