The Deplorable’s Creed

  1. We believe in The United States Constitution
  2. We believe in freedom for all and equal access for all. We believe if you want to immigrate to this country you are welcome to do so legally.  If you want to do harm to us, you must be kept out.
  3. We are God loving and a God fearing people, and we believe that one day we will all stand in front of God and be judged on how we lived our lives.
  4. We raise our children and teach them right from wrong. We teach them to respect.
  5. We want the best for our children.
  6. We teach our children that they must work and that nothing is free. Someone is paying for everything.
  7. We believe that no one is above the law. Rich, poor, politicians, should all be equal under the law.
  8. We work every day to support our families. We want our family bond to be strong.
  9. We believe in truth and that a person’s word is their bond. You deliver on what you say.
  10. We do not believe in Socialism or Communism because this has not ever worked in the history of the world.

Some would label us deplorable, and to that I say no problem.  Call us what you want because we carry the future of this country on our backs.  We are proud, and we vote because we have not forgotten what price was paid so that we have the opportunity to vote.

So, I say this to all fellow deplorable people; May God love us and God bless us for we are the foundation of freedom.