The press seems to be concerned about how President-elect Trump’s cabinet appointments policy thoughts are different than his own. 

In my opinion this is genius.  Why would you want to surround yourself with people who believe exactly the way you do?  You should strive for diversity so you can hear differing credible sides to each issue.  This will allow you to make the best decision or develop the best policy.

The best leaders are those that can humble themselves enough to truly listen to opposing viewpoints.  These type leaders make fewer mistakes and generate loyalty from the people that surround them because they feel they can speak up and their thoughts matter.  They will be heard.

Trump is a businessman and knows the value of input.  He knows the value of good data.  He is accustomed to receiving varied input and then making a data based decision.  This should be refreshing.

The modern press will not be able to comprehend this because Trump’s predecessor made his decisions strictly along ideological lines without allowing for input that deviated from his own.  The results speak volumes for this approach to governing.

Here at  we believe in diversity.  We believe in varied input.  This country has moved where it is today because of the freedom to express your ideas without fear of retaliation or persecution.

Many have paid the ultimate price for this freedom and yes, Freedom is Not Free.