History is being made in Singapore as we speak.  This is the first time an American President has ever met with the leader of North Korea.  President Trump and Kim Jon UN could possibly bring an end to the Korean War or conflict depending on what version of history you ascribe to.

Of course the mainstream media and the Democrats are downplaying this momentous occasion to the best of their ability.  They cannot find it in themselves to give credit where credit is due.  President Trump has forged a possibility of peace that everyone thought impossible for decades.

The Democrats are actually lecturing President Trump on what they would like to see in a Korean deal.  They are also lecturing him on how any deal he might agree to must be approved by Congress.  What a complete hypocrisy when you compare this to the Iran deal that Obama signed off on with no vote in Congress.  On top of that, he then he flew plane loads of cash to Iran to seal the deal.  What an international foreign policy joke.

The Democrats wrote a letter to the President listing things they would like to see in any agreement.  Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters on a conference call as the letter to Trump was released. “But if he tries to reach a deal with Kim Jong UN just for the sake of reaching a deal and the agreement fails to live up to principles we laid out, he will have been bested at negotiating table yet again.” “If we think that President is veering off course, we would not hesitate to move,” Schumer said. “Let’s see where he’s headed.”  https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/04/politics/north-korea-congress-reaction/index.html

The Democrats are completely lost on what to do.  The economy is headed in the right direction, good manufacturing jobs with benefits are returning home, and now, President Trump is on the verge of a foreign relations and world changing super event.

We as a country should applaud what could happen in Singapore, for it could be the beginning of the end of a multi-decade conflict in Korea.  Of course, this is only the beginning and we must move cautiously because North Korea has proven many times in the past that they cannot be trusted.  For this reason, whatever agreement, or if ever an agreement is reached, it must include several layers of verification to insure that North Korea is living up to its’ end of the agreement.

At the end of the day, regardless if an agreement is reached or not, President Trump has accomplished more than any American President with respect to North Korea in the last fifty years and he should be congratulated for his statesmanship.