The irony defies logic. That is the only way to describe what is going on in the United States today with almost half of the nation falling for the fantasies of socialism.

The irony I am speaking of is how the residents of Hong Kong are desperately resisting the attempts of the Chinese communist to strip away their freedoms while here in America many are ready to surrender theirs to Democratic socialist.  Socialism is a slow moving cancer that slowly erodes freedom and liberty.  It stifles innovation and removes the motivation to achieve.  I applaud what the Hong Kong demonstrators are doing for they are fighting to keep what many in America want to give away in the name of receiving benefits from the government that are only a mirage.

It is almost surreal how this is playing out.  How in the world did we get here?  Well there are reasons.  For one, our children are being educated or brainwashed whichever term you choose by liberal teachers and professors.  Now not all teachers are liberal but I guarantee the liberal outnumber the conservative by 2 to 1.  Well you ask, how does that explain how so many young people are ready to accept socialism?  The answer is presentation and bias.  In history, civics, economics, and political science classes it is easy to present topics in these classes and bias the material associated with them to reflect your ideology.  Really, the indoctrination starts in a subtle way in early grade school.  Cementing the mindset that there are no winners and no losers and that a person should not try and stand-out if they are talented and that everyone gets a reward for something.  You add this with many parents not talking with and listening to their children and the parents having no idea what is being taught to their children.  I mean how many families sit down together at the supper table 1 or 2 times a week and just converse.  That would mean putting down the tablet and cell phone and engaging in eye to eye contact while speaking.  This rarely happens anymore.  This leads to a disconnect between the beliefs and norms of the parents and what their children are being taught in school.

Then we proceed to the media.  Just about all the media is liberal.  Whether it is the internet search engines, news media, social media, radio, or television it really doesn’t matter, they just about all have a liberal slant.  So again, if you are not having regular conversations with your children and presenting them with an alternative viewpoint they will only see things from one perspective.  The longer your children hear only one side the more deeply rooted this liberal mindset will be making it difficult to offset.

Remember this; socialist must deceive people to get them to surrender their freedom.  Really they must lie.  For instance, saying that Medicare for all is not going to reduce the quality of your healthcare.  This is a lie.  It will because the government will take over healthcare and doctors and hospitals with be paid a fixed fee for the services they provide.  You’re saying that would be awesome this would stop the high cost of healthcare.  It might, but it will also reduce the quantity of care available, meaning many doctors will just retire or refuse to take Medicare and only work for cash or the quality of care you receive will be entirely equal to your ability to pay more on top of what Medicare pays.  This is exactly what happens in China which has government run healthcare.  Simply put, the more money you or your family has, the better doctors and care you will receive.  So if you are poor, you will get whatever care is available and if they cannot help you, they will just tell you this and you will be shown the door.  I’ll bet you’re saying well that won’t happen here and if you believe this, you are in for a rude awakening.  Government run healthcare equals rationing of care.  You will wait longer and get worse care and in some cases no care at all especially with the elderly and retired.

Nobody is covering this, but the government of Finland just collapsed.  Why did it collapse, because of not being able to implement the social and healthcare reforms they promised due to a lack of funds.  Here read about it.

When the Democratic Socialist promise you free stuff just ask them one question, “How will you pay for this”?  When they answer “Well we will tax the rich or we will tax the big evil corporations.”  Number one,  there are not enough rich people, and number two, corporations don’t pay taxes, they pass them on to the consumer.   So when you hear forgiving student debt, or guaranteed minimum income, or Medicare for all, or free college for everyone remember Number one and number two above because I will guarantee you we, the middle class will pay.

Don’t believe the lies of the socialist.  They will promise you anything to get you to surrender your freedom and give them power and control  over every aspect of your life.

Nothing is free.

Freedom is Not Free.