The inauguration speech of President Donald Trump told the absolute truth of what has happened to America.  The middle class only represents 11% of our population due to the exodus of manufacturing in America.  There are many reasons for this, less regulations, lower labor costs, and lower corporate tax rates to name a few.  So when President Trump referred to the carnage of closed factories across our country he was telling the truth.  Many in the press are in complete denial of this and you know why, because they hold themselves above this category of people.  They are completely out of touch with mainstream America.  The same can be said for the Democratic socialist party.

President Trump absolutely hit the nail on the head when he said Americans have paid the price for the re-distribution of manufacturing jobs out of America.  Who has benefitted from this exodus?  Who has allowed this to occur, penalty free?  The establishment politicians that’s who.  Corporate donors have lined the pockets of these politicians and in return they have done nothing to stop the loss of American jobs.  They hide behind the shield of supporting free trade while in reality they are insuring the money continues to roll into their pockets.   President Trump just called it like it is.

I am disgusted at how the press is disrespecting our new President.  They are saying that President Trump reminds them of Hitler and the Nazi’s.  They are saying horrible despicable things.  What if anyone would have said half of what they are saying now about President Trump about former President Obama?  I guarantee you that person or organization would have been labelled a racist, and God knows what would have happened to them.  But now, since the socialist have lost, they come out of the woodwork and are being disrespectful, crude, and vile and think nothing of it.

Well, go ahead and say whatever you wish, it doesn’t matter, because we have taken our country back and we, the majority, are ignoring you just as we did before the election.

President Trump, stand by your promises and we will stand behind you.  We know you love America and we know you truly care about us, the hard working American middle class.

To all our socialist friends, please move to North Korea, China, Cuba, or Venezuela because that represents the government you seem to desire.  After you are there for a while, write and let us know how it’s working out for you.