Ignore the Constitution and we will lose.  Barack Obama opened the door for the socialist movement to take a firm foothold in America.  If you take a look at the events that took place during his time as President it should really scare you.  Since his presidency the Democratic Party has chosen a path towards pure socialism.

Obama really believes there are flaws with the Constitution.  Of course when he ran for the presidency he did not mention this or elaborate on his earlier thoughts on this subject for if he had it would have made his campaign much more difficult.  https://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/obama-constitution/2008/10/27/id/326165/  The fact is that many Democrats feel the same way.  They only support and enforce laws that further their agenda.  The Constitution is a hindrance to them.

Look at what the Democrats did while Obama was at the helm.  They used the financial crisis to help their friends with guaranteed loans for renewable energy projects.  Solyndra, the solar panel company, received 500 million dollars in a federal loan and then promptly went out of business.  None of the money was recovered and no one was prosecuted.

They changed the bankruptcy laws to protect the unions and did harm to the small investors who held guaranteed bonds that should have been paid first.  Unions held these same bonds, but guess what; GM and Chrysler were receiving huge TARP monies from the government so they were not too worried about the bonds.  The small investors received an average of 28 cents on the dollar in payment for these bonds.

“TARP was abused again when the administration used it to force unprecedented bankruptcy reorganization plans upon GM and Chrysler creditors. Under the administration’s plans, which were leveraged by TARP funds, bondholders who were owed far more than the United Auto Workers trade union received substantially less than the union did. In the Chrysler case, the UAW actually gets to own the company.

This unequal treatment is almost unprecedented in bankruptcy law. The UAW union is a close political ally of the Obama administration. Bondholders and taxpayers, including many struggling middle-income workers trying to fund their 401(k)s, apparently are not. Furthermore, in the Chrysler case, the Italian carmaker Fiat, which was owed nothing, will get up to 35 percent of the company if it causes Chrysler to domestically produce cars with a fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon. TARP is being misused to dictate to the American people that they drive smaller cars.” https://thehill.com/opinion/op-ed/51479-terminate-tarp-obama-slush-fund

Obama weaponized the IRS against conservative political groups that were opposed to his policies.  If they filed papers to go tax exempt the IRS would often require them to file onerous documents to prove their legitimacy while quickly approving liberal groups applying for the same status.  I know this happened because a friend of mine founded a chapter of a tea party and was denied tax exemption status many times.  He finally gave up and said it was not worth the hassle and loss of freedom the IRS was demanding.  https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/373379-federal-abuses-a-growing-blight-on-obamas-legacy

Fast and Furious was an attempt to track weapons illegally purchased by our government and sold in Mexico to the drug cartels.  I really never understood how our government thought they would be able to track guns in Mexico.  What happened was that about 1400 weapons ended up being lost in Mexico to the cartels.  The only way this surfaced was that one of these guns was used to kill a border patrol agent named Brian Terry.  An investigation ensued and Eric Holder denied even knowing of the program at first, but later said he might have heard of it.  Yet another one of Obama’s soldiers who thought he was above the law.   https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/7/eric-holder-slammed-fast-and-furious-obstruction/

And now for the grand finale with the Obama Justice Department, and FBI teaming up to cover-up the Hilary Clinton e-mail scandal and then conspire to overturn the election of Donald Trump.  There are so many liars in this conspiracy that it is difficult to figure out the real truth.  James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, and Rod Rosenstein have all misrepresented themselves in one fashion or another.  It’s a crisis in our democracy that people in these positions have clearly trampled on our Constitution because they did not approve of who the American populace elected to be President.  This is very dangerous.  https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/russia-trump-collusion-investigation/

Do you see what happens when non-elected government officials and likeminded politicians team up and conspire to circumvent existing law and our Constitution?  This is dangerous and means the end to the rule of law and freedom.  No other President in our history damaged our country like Obama and the Democrats have.  This is why I am so fearful of what might happen should they gain control of power again.

One can only pray that independents and moderate Democrats will vote against the new Democratic Socialist Party.  If the socialist ever gain control, life in America will never be the same and the freedom that so many have died to preserve will be lost and what was once the greatest country on earth will quickly slide into the abyss of socialism.