Where are the Republican leaders in supporting Donald Trump?  Hillary certainly has her supporters helping her.  Is it really just sour grapes with you Republican leaders or is it bigger than that?  Have you guys been bought off by Soros or another group of elites?  I think your failure to support Donald Trump is abysmal.

First you had your rhino buddy Senator McCain and he was slapped to the ground.

Then you ran another rhino Mitt Romney and yet another spanking.

And during the eight years of Obama we have seen the worst abuse of power this country has ever endured and you have done nothing to stop him.  Why?  Could it be your desire to stay in power has overruled your sense of justice?  Could it be you love the lobbyist money more than your country?  Maybe a little of both?  It doesn’t matter the damage is done.

The people have spoken and we have selected Donald Trump as our choice for President.  I know you feel we are stupid and not worthy of such a responsibility to make such a selection.  You probably feel it should be your choice, the Republican Congressmen and Senators pick the nominee and maybe the RNC if they play ball.  Well to bad, for now it is still us, the lowly citizen who works everyday to support our families.  We have spoken and you are not listening.

You have betrayed our trust and now you betray our choice.

We are sorry your rhinos Jeb Bush and Sen. Rubio didn’t make it.  Do you even grasp why they didn’t?  I know you don’t because if you did you would be helping Trump.  We are sick of insiders not taking care of our country.  Our country is dying and nobody is doing anything to stop it.  Trump is not an insider.  He may speak a little rough sometimes, and he may offend some people, but guess what, he more often says things we are thinking than any other candidate.  Did you comprehend that?

Just so you know there are millions of us watching you abandon Trump.  We are watching you, as you distance yourself from him and leave him on an island to fend for himself.  We don’t care if you don’t like him.  We chose him.  We do like him.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election we will not forget your inaction.  Maybe deep down that’s the way you really want it to play out, because it preserves the status quo.

We are watching, and we won’t forget, and we have a choice to vote or not to vote in future elections.

There needs to be a rally call and quickly because if Hillary wins it will be perceived that you endorsed her.  This will result in a large number of former Republican voters walking away and not participating in the process.  So you better enjoy the ride while you can because we are about to lose our country and you are about to lose your GOP.