Immigration is defined as the act of a person moving from their native country to take permanent residence in another country.  All countries have immigration laws (requirements) requiring those that want to relocate to another country to fulfill before they are granted permanent residence.  This includes background checks so that criminals or terrorists are not allowed into the new country.   The immigration laws of different countries vary widely.  The purpose of these laws is to protect the native population from threats from non-natives wishing to settle in a new home.

The United States started as a nation of immigrants.  This is true.   As time progressed the United States government began passing immigration laws to serve the purpose I mentioned above.

There is nothing outlandish about our immigration laws.  The main problem with our laws is that politicians have refused to enforce them by not properly funding the border patrol and by turning a blind eye to the abuse of immigration. They did this for perceived future votes and because of payments from big business for cheap labor.

Now we have reached a boiling point in our country because the citizens of our country are tired of bearing the cost of additional votes for the Democratic Party and cheap labor for the Republican Party.  In other words, the cost of illegal immigration has finally reached the point that it is directly impacting the citizens of America.

President Trump seized this opportunity.  Barrack Obama did everything he could not to enforce these laws.  Obama infuriated the masses with his callous disrespect of the law.  Obama; we will have a wall thanks to you.

Immigration laws of America need to be clarified.  The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) needs to be properly funded to be able to properly process the hundreds of thousands of applicants each year in a timely fashion.   The USCIS does provide excellent instructions on how to complete the various forms required for immigration.  The problem is that most immigrants do not read or write English and are at the mercy of immigration lawyers who many times charge huge fees and make stretch promises.

President Trump has done the right thing by finally starting to enforce the immigration laws of our country.  He heard the call from our citizens.

What he must do now is to make immigration reform a priority.  Enforcement is crucial but so is reform.  We must have a system that protects our citizens from outside threats and a system that does not cost a family a fortune to find a better life.

This can be accomplished with a few changes and funding if we have the willpower to do it.