Friday January 20, 2017 is the day America begins to return to freedom.  It’s the day America turns away from tyranny and looks towards the rule of law.  The day America begins to return to individualism and away from socialism.

This transformation will not be easy because those that would take America to the darkness of socialism have much in the way of resources and instruments of deception.

Those of us here at  believe that if you can educate people about the virtues of freedom, and the power of individual success, they will follow the light of freedom and ignore the false promises of socialism.

Our Forefathers founded this country with the belief that a free society can achieve great things because no individual contribution, if warranted, will be ignored.  If a person develops a good idea and others recognize its worth, then both that person and society will benefit from it.  This is America, and this is why no country in the history of this world has come as far in such a short amount of time as we have.

Are we perfect? No.  Did we make mistakes? Yes.  Did we learn from these mistakes? Yes.  Again no other country has learned and improved as we have.  Can we learn more? Yes.

No matter what others say, freedom and the rule of law is what separates us from all other countries.  This is why many people from other countries want to taste the freedom we are born with.

We must never forget the sacrifices that were made so that we today have the free society we enjoy.

Thank God, that socialism and tyranny was defeated last November.

The transformation towards socialism was well underway, but enough Americans were awoken to stop this movement, at least for now.

Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office as our 45th President.  We must not squander this opportunity.  We must support him as he moves us back towards freedom.  There will be many that will want him to fail.  Their voices will be loud.  Our voices must be louder.  They will distort what he says; we must beat them back with the truth.

The fight between socialism and freedom is not a new fight, but now it is our fight.  Those of us who believe in freedom and capitalism must fight this fight for our children and grandchildren.  They must experience the taste of freedom, and value the rule of law.

May God give you the wisdom, patience, and the humility to govern our country Mr. Trump.  We have put our faith in you, and we will support you, just please get us back on the road to freedom.