Kim Jong UN is a dangerous man.  I know he does not care about the lives of the average North Korean.  As I have written in earlier blogs this man is a sociopath, and you can never forget this when you begin to try and understand his methods.

President Trump does understand him.  He knows what he is dealing with.  You cannot be weak and deal with Kim.  You must be strong and meet his rhetoric head on.  Being politically correct with Kim is telling him you have no backbone and you will eventually back down.

Look at the results that Clinton, Bush, and Obama got from North Korea.  We have appeased them to the point they have nuclear weapons.  Dictators devour weakness, it gives them energy, and it sustains them.  President Trump gets it.

When, in recent history has Russia and China ever agreed to such strong sanctions against North Korea?  I will tell you; never before.  And just why do you think they chose to agree now?

They chose to take this direction now because they understand that President Trump is not going to back down.  He is not like other Presidents who have lunged at the opportunity to appease evil to be politically correct.  He means what he says.

Both Putin and Xi Jinping have met with President Trump and they know he will not be timid and sidestep what needs to be done.  For me, it is refreshing that we have a President that truly does put America first.  He is taking his job very seriously about protecting the homeland.  We should all be very thankful of this.

You can never forget that should Kim Jon UN ever get the ability to deliver a nuclear device to America he would do so as quickly as he could.  It does not matter to him that it would cause the complete annihilation of the people of North Korea.  This is what kind of person Trump is dealing with and I am glad he is doing what needs to be done.