Former FBI Director James Comey was in my opinion, a bit unstable.  To me it seemed he acted as if he was on stage in a Broadway play.  I found it hard to feel he was in control of reality.

I do feel he knows more than he is disclosing about what the Obama administration did regarding surveillance of Trumps’ campaign and those loyal to Trump.  This certainly would not surprise me the way Obama used the IRS to harass the Tea Party.  I really believe the only reason Obama didn’t fire Comey is that he was afraid Comey would spill the beans on his use of the FBI for political reasons.

Clearly Comey was at best inept when handling the Clinton e-mail scandal.  I mean really, there was enough dirt there a person could have had a 500 acre potato farm.  The American people knew and still know that Hillary, Bill, and Chelsea Clinton are all getting benefits from the Clinton foundation.  We also know that Hillary Clinton made sure the Clinton foundation benefitted while she was Sec. of State.  It is disgusting that she is not being prosecuted.  I will guarantee you that if we would have done one quarter of the things she did; we would be in the federal penitentiary.  James Comey talked in circles when discussing this investigation.  He should have just kept quiet until he had the facts, if he was ever really searching for the facts.

The Democrats hated him for the Clinton investigation, now they love him for the fake Russian investigation.  What they say is just noise to me, really worse than noise, more like an assault on the auditory system.

The media is outraged because Trump did not clue them in before he dropped the hammer.  So sorry.  The media has made their bed with Trump now they have to lay in it.  There is mutual distrust and hate in their relationship and it was earned and deserved by the media.

One can only hope that the next director will follow the facts, present the facts to the justice department, and let the wheels of justice roll like they are supposed to; no matter if you’re Hillary Clinton or Aunt Bessie.  If a crime was committed then justice must be served.  We do not need a media superstar as the Director of the FBI.  We need a humble, courageous, intelligent, and ethical person interested in enforcing the rule of law consistently to all people no matter their status.