Fake news is really all you hear about anymore.  Why?  Because there is nothing else to talk about that will get ratings.  Ratings and revenue they go hand in hand.  It’s a shame that’s where we are in this country but that’s where we are.

There are so many other important things to talk about but no one is interested in reality.  Health care for example, no one is talking or reporting about health care because it is a mind boggling subject.  Hell, politicians don’t even want to talk about it.  Democrats who birthed the Affordable Health Care Act are watching it die a slow and painful death.  Of course this is by design to reach a single payer system or socialized medicine.  This was and is always their end game, socialism.  On the flip side of this the Republicans can’t seem to craft a bill to ween people off the government mammary gland the Democrats provided.  This gets no coverage.

Another disgrace is the free cell phones that Obama provided.  Guess what we, tax payers, are funding this abuse to the tune of 6 billion dollars a year.  It is estimated that 60% of the people getting free phones should not be getting them.  This is socialism at its best.  Government waste and abuse.  I did see some small report about this, finally.  I wonder how long it will take to reduce funding of this horrific program.  Then we will see Maxine Waters, Shelia Jackson Lee, and Nancy Pelosi march to the podium and tell us babies are gonna die if we de-fund this.

What about the national debt?  All is quiet.  We keep printing money and the debt continues to grow and only about 50% of us pay income taxes.  How long is this sustainable? Illinois is about to find out.  I read an article just the other day and a frustrated Illinois politician said, “This is really happening, people need to understand this is real.”  Again, until reality slaps people in the face and their lights go out, or their water is turned off, or their schools don’t open, will people begin to listen and then they will riot and burn businesses.  Who said we ain’t smart.

Corporate tax reform seems to have died on the vine.  Politicians are doing nothing to bring jobs back to America.  Meanwhile, the drive for a minimum wage of 15.00/hour seems to be losing momentum.  You know why, because where this is forced; employers lay off workers and adapt to getting by with fewer workers.  Wow, what a surprise that was.

So you see, fake news is easy as it fills air space with air heads and it brings in revenue.  No one cares about reality.  Reality is for real people who pay taxes, who would want to be one of those dummies?