It’s really pathetic how President Obama is managing his last days in office.  He is doing things now that cement how really desperate he is to try and shape how history will evaluate his terms in office

He started with Israel by slapping them in the face in the United Nations vote now rather than earlier in his term.  Why did he wait, because he no longer cares about the fallout.  He sends John Kerry out there to try and explain why they did this and once again Benjamin Netanyahu  makes them look like the foreign policy amateurs they really are.  So pitiful.

Then he acts like he is going to protect the environment by banning drilling in the artic and off the Atlantic coast.  Again, why wait?  Because he could not get enough people to agree with him he just decides to go it alone.

Earlier this week he named national monuments out west when there was already an agreement in place on how these lands were going to be protected.   An agreement with Congress.  He said to hell with it.  Like his whole Presidency he does not honor his word.

Now he expels Russian diplomats for alleged election hacking.  Putin again makes Obama look weak and ineffectual on the world stage.  Also, where has this issue been for the last 8 years?  Obama was not worried about Russian hacking during “Fast and Furious”, or using the IRS to harass the Tea Party movement, or lending 500 million dollars to Solyndra, or contributing money to influence Israeli elections, or trying to kill coal and thousands of American jobs, or going into Libya and giving it to ISIS, or trying to change immigration laws outside of Congress, or writing EPA rules that killed thousands of American jobs again circumventing Congress, why the sudden urgency?  Hacking is not new.  If you would have worried about this as much as forcing your socialist ideology down the throat of America maybe we would be in a better position to combat this issue.

One good thing is that you will be staying in Washington D.C.  Please keep your face and voice in front of the imbecilic press that no one believes.  We need you to continue to be as divisive as possible.  Both you and the press have done more to decimate the Democratic Party than any Republican could have ever hoped to do.  Keep up the good work.