This week has been a busy week for President Trump.  He attended the G-7 economic summit in Canada where he promptly notified its members that the U.S. is tired of receiving the short end of the stick regarding international trade between the member countries.

He is right.  We have huge trade deficits with almost all of the members.  Why, because they cannot allow American products to enter their countries without a tariff because they cannot produce the same goods at a competitive price.  Why is that you ask, well because most of the members of the G-7 have socialist policies in place that force them to heavily tax their businesses as well as their people.  There is no way they could allow American goods to be sold in their countries for less than domestically produced goods.  This would end up lowering their tax base both when businesses began to close, and their citizens lost jobs, and neither could pay income taxes.

President Trump knows there will always be some protectionist policies applied to varying goods produced in other countries making their domestically produced goods more economical than U.S. imports.  What he wants is only to level the playing field to a place better than where it is now.  For decades, our trade imbalance has only gotten more lopsided favoring other nations and negatively impacting our economy.  He wants an improvement in that imbalance.

Now I have to ask you, do you really believe these countries are going to make improvements by us just asking them nicely to please lower your tariffs on our products.  Guess what, we have asked, and they have said they would for the last 3 Presidents and you know what, they promptly did nothing.

Well now we have a President who is a businessman and understands what is possible and what needs to happen to help our country and at the same time not harm the other members of the G-7.  He is not asking the other members to commit hari-kari; he just wants improvement from where we are now.

Of course the other members are pissed.  They have been feeding at the U.S. trough of trade imbalances for decades and now we have a President that is saying enough is enough and is going to really make it hurtful to them if there are no improvements, well guess what, it needs to happen.

We are finally moving forward as a country because we have a President that understands what makes a country strong is manufacturing jobs with benefits for its employees.  He gets it, and we have experienced a very long exodus of these jobs to other countries.  Well guess what, we want our fair share back.