So General Flynn lied to the FBI.  He also lied to Vice President Pence and that’s why he was fired.  I think it has been established that Flynn is a frequent liar, so how much value can anyone have for what he says?  Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been soaking up huge amounts of tax payer dollars and has got nothing, nada, zero, regarding the Trump campaign and collusion with Russia.  How much longer are we going to waste our money with this?

Meanwhile we have Hillary, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and a host of other Obama characters who have done what Flynn has done, and more, yet nothing is happening.  Why is Attorney General Jeff Sessions so hesitant to begin investigating those people?  Of course Hillary is saying there is nothing to be found; what else do you expect her to say?  It is mindboggling that nothing is happening in these areas and the Republicans continue to let Mueller run completely out of control wasting our money on possible crimes when real crimes have been documented and are ignored.

Now the latest revelation that a Trump hater is on Mueller’s staff; hell Mueller is a likely Trump hater as well, so this should be no surprise to anyone.   Robert Mueller served as Bill Clinton’s FBI director so where do you think his loyalty is directed.  For all anyone knows the Clinton foundation and Soros may be funneling money to Mueller from various back channels; don’t be surprised.  I will almost guarantee you they have more than one person on the payroll on Mueller’s staff.

The question is how much longer can this façade last?  Who will pull the plug and who will account for the millions of dollars that have been wasted?  The answer is nobody knows and nobody will.

This whole investigation is hypocrisy tenfold.  It truly is a circus in the swamp.  How can you have compromised people conduct any investigation?

Sadly our country has a two tiered justice system; one for the elite and politicians, and one for common Americans.  Some would say this has always been the case, and they may be right; however, now it is blatant and in your face and nobody seems to care.

Yet another stake in the heart of our Republic.  I will guarantee you the founding fathers would be horrified if they could see how the constitution is being trampled.