On the road to socialism.  Well I haven’t written anything in a while because I have been busy with my personal life.  Millions of my readers have been reaching out to me wanting me to write again so here we go.  Might as well go big, right?

If you have been keeping up with the current events then you are aware of the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus package the Democratic socialist forced into law.  What’s really sad are two things (1) we don’t have the money for this and (2) most of this money did not go to who really needs it but to far left interests who will eventually funnel some of this money back to far left lawmakers.  It’s the same old tired song and it is one of the main reasons America is dying a slow death.

Have you noticed how yet again the socialist are going for gun confiscation?  Have you ever asked yourself why is that?  They say they are worried about closing loopholes in gun purchases and putting a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines.  Now I asked you to think about this; why are they only concerned about these rifles when far more people are shot and killed with semi-automatic pistols?  Well the answer is that the press exaggerates the coverage of semi-automatic rifle usage while completely ignoring deaths caused by all other weapons.  Banning these weapons is an easy place for socialist to start the dis-arming of America.  The socialist aren’t stupid.  They know if they started an all-out confiscation of guns there would be a revolution, so they start the process with what they believe will cause them the least resistance.  Make no mistake about it; their ultimate goal is to disarm America.  But why is that so important to socialist?  Surely you don’t believe that they are really concerned about your wellbeing, because I assure you they are not.  Their only concern is to increase their power over your life by increasing what the government controls.  The new Democratic Socialist Party led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris only concern is to move America towards communism as fast as possible.  It is very difficult to subdue an armed populace.  This is why the framers of the Constitution made the 1st amendment free speech and the 2nd amendment the right to own and bear arms.  They lived under an oppressive government in England and Europe but could do nothing about it because only the government forces had weapons.  When they settled in America and later revolted against the English they fully understood the importance of having an armed populace to defend against tyranny from within and abroad.  That is a very brief historical glimpse of why we have the 2nd amendment.  It is a slippery slope once you start the confiscation of one type of weapon.

Have you ever thought about why people seem to be willing to surrender their freedoms so quickly to socialism especially since socialism has come up short on what it delivers time and time again?  It is a complex question that requires a multi-faceted answer.

It begins in the schools when children are very young. Children’s teachers are a product of a typical socialist influenced college that indoctrinates the future teachers to embrace a culture that encourages an environment where there are no big winners and absolutely no losers.  If a child is gifted and clearly excels above others in their class, then the teacher will typically not recognize that student or won’t call on them for the answer.  The gifted child is encouraged to withhold their abilities and blend in with the rest of the students.

Fast forward to upper grades and college.  Textbooks and lesson plans follow a systemic message of Marxism philosophy decrying a more level playing field for all citizens.  Where there is extreme wealth held by people, this wealth was accumulated at the cost of many “normal” people.  Modern schools teach that wealth should be re-distributed to all people.  They teach that any major accomplishment is a result of the whole society and not from individual contributions.  The individual only should serve the state and the state should control the proceeds.  Of course the teachers and professors are very subtle in how they present these topics but there is no mistake in their message.  People really believe that the government can care for them better than they can care for themselves.

This is one of the many lies of socialism.

As you can see right now, the more centralized and powerful a government becomes the more susceptible it is to rampant corruption and tyranny.  America is in a steep decline.  As our government becomes more and more centralized and powerful and as people ignore or are apathetic to how legislation is evolving, the faster we decline into socialism.

What is really amazing is how many people really believe they will be better off with government officials picking winners and losers.  I have some questions I want you to think about.  How do you think politicians get their money and power?  Do you really believe in a society where power is more concentrated; as in socialist countries, there is less corruption?  Well you would be wrong if you believe this.  The only successful businesses or people in socialist countries are those who the government favors and those people and businesses are 100% supportive of all the government policies and controls.  In socialist countries there is no room for dissidents or those who would challenge the government’s control.  Socialism and communism do not tolerate those who are not aligned with the objectives of the state.

This is why right now; Joe Biden is hot on the trail to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices.  The court right now is conservative with the majority believing in the Constitution.  Joe and the socialist know this will hamper their ability to transform America into communism.  This is why they are going to do everything they can to tilt the majority of the court to communist justices.

In socialist countries there is only one branch of government; the executive branch, all others are subservient to it.  Our forefathers created the Constitution and a three tiered government complete with checks and balances based on what they learned from the failures of where they came from.  The representative republic form of government has allowed us to advance further and faster than any other country on the planet and now we are on the verge of regressing back towards socialism that has failed everywhere it has been tried.  It is so sad that people can’t see this.

I have written about these things before and yet we are bound and determined to continue down the road to socialism.  My generation will be the last to enjoy freedom and I feel so sorry for my grandchildren and great grandchildren who will not know freedom but only the chains of complete government domination.