It is really hard for me to put into words how worried I am about America.  We are on the precipice of failure.  There is no accountability anymore.  There is no ownership.  It’s all about me and screw you attitude runs rampant though our capital.  Who pays for all of this?  You and I.

We are now at war with ourselves.  It is a cancer that paralyzes us and is killing the Republic.  We now have elected officials using intelligence assets to gather information on the opposing party’s plans.  There are supposed to be strict controls in place to prevent this; but it appears they have been cast aside.  This is dangerous.   This is socialism.

Are you worried yet?  If you are reading this, you probably already know.  What’s sad, and what the socialist count on; is the fact that the majority of the country have no clue what the ramifications are from the statist mentality.  The average American won’t know there’s a problem until they get a text on their cell phone or there is a YouTube video about it.  You know why?  It is by design.  Nobody listens to or watches what is labeled news anymore.  Why?  Well because it’s not news anymore.  Its propaganda and it offends people with any functioning grey matter.  It is mind numbing.  So people tune it out, ignore it, and go on with their daily lives.  Gotcha.  The next thing you will hear is people saying, “Well how did that happen?”  “Who approved that?”  “What do you mean the government is seizing all of my retirement savings?”  “What do you mean I will pay 60% of my income to the government?”  “You’re telling me I am too old for a knee transplant?”  Do you get the point?

You can’t abruptly take a free society to a socialist society.  Well, I guess you could if it was violent and you did not care about loss of life or a disruption in the functionality of the country.  The real way to do it, is gradually and from within.  Obama’s administration used the socialist play book incredibly well.  In fact, they still are.  There are implants still in place that are doing everything they can to sabotage the new administration and our freedoms.

Treason is a strong word and it is despicable act.  Treason is to purposefully act to do harm to or transform the country to your ideology and to use any means necessary to accomplish that goal.  I believe there are different degrees of treason, subtle treason, and blatant treason.  Obviously, politicians use subtle treason, hard to prove, and a more gradual harm.

What can be done about it?  Well, we have done it.  We have placed people in control to end the treason through the ballot box.  If it is not stopped now, during the next 4 years, America as we know it, is dead.  Too dramatic for you?  Too dire for you?  Sorry,  that’s the way I see it.

So the message is, you Republicans had better get you stuff together.  You had better come together and quickly.

I can assure you the Democrats are marching in lock-step because they are told what to think, what to say, and they do what they are told.  They are unified for socialism and complete government control.  They are doing whatever they can and using any means possible to further their purpose.

Republicans, you must be as ruthless as the Democrats are about taking our freedoms to save our freedoms.

The only way to defeat treason is through unity and a trust amongst those that are unified to fulfill a common purpose and achieve a desired destiny.

Time is short and the stakes are high.