Fanning racism for what?  I’ve seen abhorrent true racism in my life.  I’ve seen racism exposed and actions taken to try and end it.  My generation lived through the de-segregation of schools.  I as a young white boy was bussed to an all black middle school in my town.  At the time, it really didn’t matter to me.  50 years later it still doesn’t matter to me.

With all the efforts to squash racism in America, it seems that it is more prevalent now than when we as a nation decided to try and end it over 50 years ago.

Have improvements been made in America to level the playing field for all races?  The answer is yes.  The civil rights laws that were passed in the 1960’s started the movement, then affirmative action, and since then there have been countless laws and judicial rulings rendered all trying to end racism.

If you don’t think we have made huge advances in ending racism in America then you are not well informed.  Believe it or not we are way ahead of the rest of the world in reducing racism in our country.

Speaking for myself, I do not care what your skin color is.  I never have.  I wasn’t raised that way.  I evaluate a person based on what they say and what they do.  I always treat people the way I want to be treated.  That’s the way I was taught by my father.  Guess what, the people that I associate with feel the same as I do.

So now we have a political party, the Democratic Socialist with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris leading the way telling every white person you are a part of systemic racism.  I am deeply offended by this as are many people I associate with.

Why would the socialist want to fan the fires of racism?  It’s really pathetic what they are doing.  The socialist want African Americans to really believe that they care about their well-being more than anyone else.  It’s a lie.  Their goal is to convince all non-white voters that if you are white and not a Democratic Socialist you are without a doubt a card carrying white supremist racist.  Now how stupid is that?

But news-flash ladies and gentlemen, with the press coverage and the social media coverage many people are buying the socialist message of hate and division.  Joe and Kamala love the coverage they are getting.  They love the ability to sow the seeds of hate.  Keep hate alive to condemn the white devils.

Again, it makes me ill to see this manipulation of people of color using emotionally charged issues that do not reflect at all the behavior and feelings of the vast majority of white people.

Here are some questions for you, and let’s be honest here.  See in blog world you can be honest and no one will know.  Do you really believe that only white folk are racist?  Do you believe that bad cops only come in white?  Why do you think that white on black crime gets 1000% more coverage than black on black crime?  Or brown on brown crime?  Is the murder of a black man by another black man less tragic than a multi-race murder?   The loss of life and the loss of someone’s family member is the same.  The grief is the same.

But it is not treated the same because it does not fit the socialist message.  Their message and their mission are very clear; they cannot let people of color think that they can trust or vote for any other political party or figure other than themselves.  The Democratic Socialist is the only political party that has their interest at heart.  Of course this is hogwash but if you tell enough people multiple times that the sun sets in the east they will begin to believe.

So what can people like me do?  People who are white and not racist?  Well I don’t have an answer for you because there are too many forces busy painting a false picture of us.  It is really sad and such a lie.

So I offer you is this, live your life, we know we are not racist no matter what others say.  Call me whatever you want, but I am not going to change or alter my life because I don’t need to.  I am comfortable with myself and my beliefs.

Hey Joe and Kamala if you have to rely on fanning the flames of racism to further your cause what does that say about your cause?  If your cause relies on false narratives, how strong is the foundation supporting your cause?

I hope others will get woked to the false narratives being portrayed about me, and others like me, by the socialist.  I don’t have any false hopes about this happening though because socialist love to hate and hate fuels their drive.