Joe and Kamala the socialist dream team.  I will have to admit I did not watch one minute of the DNC, and I have only read what they said or really what they didn’t say.Do you know why?  Well, because they did not say anything of any substance concerning their plan for America going forward.  Can any of you guess why that was?  The main reason is that they couldn’t because if they did, they would even further alienate themselves from mainstream America, if that is even possible.  Socialist cannot tell a free people what they really plan on doing before they do it because there is no way they would get any votes.  They have to lie, spin, mislead, and avoid answering any specific questions on their real plans in hopes of fooling enough people to get the votes to get into power.

Then, once in power, God forbid, they will begin to change the rules of our government to facilitate implementing their agenda.  Remember at Congressman John Lewis’s funeral when Obama started talking about ending the filibuster rule in the Senate associated with the 60 vote requirement to enact certain legislation?  Our forefathers made that a requirement so that it would take more than a simple majority to enact major legislation.  The reason is so that every two, four, or 6 years you would not be seesawing the nation around because the majority changed hands in the Senate.  It would make the Senate ineffective and dangerous.  But this is a play out of the socialist handbook that Obama was advocating.  If they could change that rule, then if they ever gained power, they could shoehorn their agenda through the Senate and the only thing stopping them would be a Presidential veto.  If there was a Democratic Socialist President in office; then we are done.  It was disgraceful how Obama used the funeral of an African American civil rights hero to further the socialist agenda and to deliver his message of hate.

Meanwhile back to their convention; did you notice how they did their best to keep Bernie and AOC out of the limelight?  They had to because again, those two are the real face of the Socialist Party.  The Democrats know they cannot win if they are viewed by the American people as pure socialist.

Did you notice how there was no National Anthem, no prayer, and no Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC?  How can that not just scare you to death?

Did you notice no one ever mentioned the riots continuing in some of our cities and the war against our police officers?  They hate Trump so much that they are willing to turn a blind eye to the death and destruction of American citizens and their property.  They look away from the deaths of police officers trying to establish order.  In their mind, if these deaths will somehow further their cause against Trump, then so be it.  It’s horrible.

Again, they had no agenda other than they hate President Trump.  The fact of the matter is that President Trump has done more to move America forward in four years than Obama/Biden did in eight.  Joe Biden is not a leader, he never has been; he is a follower.  In his 50 years as a politician, can anyone name a major piece of legislation with his name on it?  Good luck with that.  Joe Biden is a figurehead being used by the socialist for his name recognition.  He would be a puppet for George Soros and others like him.

They kept bashing Trump for his response to the virus.  I have not forgotten the anemic response from Obama/Biden to the H1N1 virus during their term.  How Joe can cast any stones at Trump for his response is beyond me.  In my opinion, Trump did the best he could with what was thrown at him.  He implemented a travel ban against China quickly while Joe Biden was calling him xenophobic for doing so.  He rallied the medical research labs around the country for tests, for the R&D to develop a vaccine and for the development of a treatment.  He also turned up every stone to get as many ventilators available as possible and get them where they were needed.  President Trump and his team did a great job in responding to Covid and are continuing to do so.

The Democratic Party is all in for socialism.  Joe Biden represents the essence of big government complete with; at a minimum ethical transgression that typifies socialist regimes.  Incidents like Burisma  where Biden’s son was paid huge sums of money by this company when he had no previous experience in this business.  Then you have Hunter Biden and his involvement with a China investment firm.  These things may not be illegal but at a minimum they are far less than ethical, but that is socialism and you can expect only bigger transgressions should there be a Biden Presidency.

Ladies and Gentleman, if you love freedom, law and order, the ability to create, innovate and receive the financial benefits from it, and you want to keep your hard earned money in your bank account you had better vote for Donald Trump in this election.  Failing to do so would be catastrophic for our country and your children and grandchildren.

So stand in line to vote and stand up for freedom.  Don’t take anything for granted.

Freedom is Not Free