This blog will will not set the world on fire but this subject has, is, and will affect your world more than you can imagine.  The subject matter is the bureaucracy of the various goverment agencies and rules they write.

Most recently, the various  government agencies have been empowered by the executive branch.  This is dangerous because this circumvents the checks and balances that exist between the legislative and executive branches of our government.  Another negative of this recent trend is that we lose the consistency of rules from one administration to the next.  If rules are easy for each administration to change then how will we ever stabilize on a path forward.  Individuals and businesses will be in a constant state of flux and this is no way to run a country.

Legislation must be written and signed into law that restricts any agency rule changes that are not approved by Congress.  This is the only way to slow this process down and make sure these activities are carried out in the light of day.  This will prevent rule changes based on the whims of the party in power.  This will add structure and control to the rule making process to insure that elected officials that represent the people will have a say on the rules that could affect their constituents.

I know this is not a headliner issue but it is very important.  I encourage you to contact your Congressman and Senator to tell them as much.  If this is not controlled we will forever be at the mercy of whomever is in control of the executive branch no matter what their ideology.