Look at our country and where we are.  We look horrible.  We look as corrupt, ineffective, untrustworthy, and downright nasty as any government in the world.  Yes, and that includes Russia.  I just read the news every day and shake my head.  I use the term news very loosely because nobody really knows what’s real anymore.  Yet another problem.

Russia, a lot about Russia.  How long has Russia been launching cyber-attacks against us?  Try years.   This is nothing new.  This is yet another distraction that allows politicians an excuse not to govern.   Overheard in a Washington D.C. bar

“Guess what. If we can string the media along with this one, we won’t have to do the people’s business.  We won’t have to try and represent our constituents.  Our constituents are stupid anyway.  They don’t have a clue from one day to the next what is good for them.  As long as we can keep their faces buried in their cell phones and tablets and worried about inconsequential distractions, we don’t have to do a thing.   We can continue to collect our lobbyist paychecks and life is good.”

And there you have it.  The United States congressional strategy, for all you sheep out there, they love you.

I mean if you want to look at Russian involvement you have to look at Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  Supposedly, the Russians made a donation of over 100 million to the Clinton Foundation while she was Sec. of State and the next thing you know Russia owns 25% of our uranium and she had to sign off on the deal.  How is it going to feel if Kim Jon-Un or the Iranian Ayatollahs launch a nuclear weapon built with our uranium they bought from the Russians?  Good job Hillary, at least it looks like you got a big payday for yourself.

All these distractions are good for the career politician.  They don’t have to worry about addressing the national debt, social security decline, educational system failures, infrastructure decline, or any other pending critical national issue.

Another quote from a D.C. bar. “Hey, we need to make sure we feed the media an assortment of distracting issues.  It can’t be just the Russians.  We need to keep the trans-gender bathroom caper alive as well.  Throw in some unreal women issues.  Sprinkle on some immigration issues such as sanctuary cities and we can keep the rouse alive.  I don’t know about you, but I am building a resort home in the Caymans and I need the money.  We have to keep the minds of the sheep occupied.”

If you don’t believe me, call your Congressman or Senator and ask them; what are you doing for this country and for me?  Be ready for a noxious odor to start emanating from your phone as they begin to speak the B.S language of D.C.  We are in trouble ladies and gentlemen, but there are too few of us who know it.