Regarding Beto O’Rourke, please don’t be a moth drawn into the fire.  Beto is just another liberal socialist Democrat disguising his message to lure you into a complete surrender of your liberty which is the ultimate goal of any good socialist.  I have some excerpts here from Beto’s platform that I will try and interpret for you.  Remember, socialist can never speak the direct truth for if they did no one would buy into their scheme.  Also remember this; Beto is peddling a failed system, for there is no socialist government on earth that has accomplished what we have with freedom and capitalism.

Gun Control:

Beto want to:  “Stop selling weapons of war and high-capacity magazines to ensure that firearms designed to kill as effectively and efficiently as possible on the battlefield aren’t used in our schools, our streets, our churches, and our concerts.”   Well what does that mean?  What are these weapons?  Semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and what is high capacity?  Let’s say you did define these limits this year, what would the limits be next year?  Please understand this is just another method of ending private gun ownership.  You have to start out small then ramp up to confiscation.  An unarmed citizenry cannot defend itself from tyranny; see Venezuela, Cuba, and Mexico.

Beto also wants to: “Block the erosion of Texas’ license to carry standards by opposing Concealed Carry Reciprocity, which would force Texas to allow anyone from states with weak to nonexistent conceal carry laws to disregard our own public safety requirements.”  This is basically saying that if a person has a license to carry in Tennessee, Texas will not honor their license to carry here in Texas.  Currently the states determine whether or not they will honor each other’s license to carry and there is an effort in Congress to standardize the requirements so that if you have a license it will be honored in all the states.  Beto does not want this.  What Beto does not understand is that the licensed carrier is not the person he should be worried about.  Really, Beto does not want firearms in the hands of private citizens at all and that is his ultimate endgame, just as it is with all socialist.


Open borders Beto:  “End the militarization of our immigration enforcement system, and close private immigration prisons and detention centers that profit from locking up families.”  This translates into ending ICE and just open the borders to everyone.  Come one come all into the land where we will house you, feed you, and medicate you all at the cost of the American taxpayer.  Beto thinks the taxpayers have plenty of money and he plans on taking more of it to subsidize his plan to increase the socialist voter ranks by allowing open borders.  Well Beto, I pay a lot in taxes and I am an American citizen, where do I figure in this?  Do you give a damn about us?  I know you don’t, it’s all about socialism and the Soros doctrine.

Law shield Beto “Ensure that those who come to our borders seeking refuge from violence and persecution are given a fair opportunity to present their claims and guaranteed due process under our laws.”  Beto I hate to inform you; they already have this.  They have more legal protection here than we would have if we were trying to immigrate to their country.  You want reciprocity how about getting us the same rights to legal protection in their countries as we give them here?  Also Beto, who is paying for this legal protection for illegal immigration?  I believe it is the American taxpayer again right?  And again, do you give a damn?

Foreign Policy:

Politicize the military Beto: “If we are to continue to put our service members in harm’s way, Congress owes the American people a debate and vote to give guidance to our military on who we should be fighting and where.”  Guess what Beto, Congress must vote before war is declared.  Other than that, the last thing I want is Congress meddling in the military impacting the safety and potentially the lives of American service men and women.  Did you say any of this when Obama and Clinton let our men die in Benghazi as they cried out for help?  When you politicize the military you get Viet Nam’s, Beto.  The executive branch must be able to respond to threats swiftly and decisively in these days and times.  There is no time to hold Congressional hearings on how we will respond to a terrorist threat.  Sorry Beto that is the real world we live in.

“Acknowledge that we cannot kill our way to achieving our goals, nor should we put the entire weight of U.S. foreign policy on the backs of our service members.”  I don’t even know what to say about this statement.  “Kill our way to achieving our goals”, really Beto is that what you got?  So Americans are killers and murderers?  Nice.  So maybe we should nicely ask Syria to please don’t use any more chlorine or poisonous gas to kill their people.  I know, we could draw a red line in the sand, that works doesn’t it?  How about asking ISIS to please stop televising beheadings because we find them so offensive.  I am sure they would consider it.  Again Beto, there are bad and evil people in this world who will never respond to nice and when we kill people, more often than not we are killing to protect the innocent and vulnerable.   I strongly resent your beliefs that the only reason we kill is to achieve our goals.


“Increase funding for Pell Grant scholarships and the Federal Perkins Loan program to ensure education is affordable for all Texans.”  Beto, the student loan debt is greater than 1 trillion dollars and climbing.  Pell Grants scholarships are coming from where, the taxpayers.  Do you realize how much the cost of education has risen; it far exceeds the annual rate of inflation.  The return on investment for a four year college degree is horrible in most cases and yet your answer is to just give these institutions more money.  More money is the answer.  Where are you planning on getting this money?  I know, middle class American taxpayers.  Got to re-distribute the wealth, right Beto.

“Control the pace of inflation within institutions of higher learning by using the federal government’s leverage through its grants, loans and research spending to demand affordability from universities.”  Beto, why aren’t you already doing this?  You have that ability now.  What would make me think you would do this if you were to become a Senator?  What have you been waiting on?


“Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords.”  That’s really great Beto, penalize ourselves while India and China continue to pollute at their current levels for decades. Meanwhile our workers pay the price as manufacturing jobs leave the U.S. for India and China.  Why is the Democratic Party against the middle class?  You want to tax us more and take away our jobs.  Trump was exactly right in getting us out of those accords.  Obama and you see the world how you would like it to be, and not how it really is.

“Empowering the EPA to exercise oversight of those harming the environment, particularly drilling, fracking, and pipeline construction.”  Great Beto that’s what we need is to increase the power of the bureaucrat’s that are not elected and whom you can control without passing legislation.   Makes it easy right?  Kind of what Obama did with the IRS, the FBI, and the Justice Department.  Is that whose plan you are following?  Well, we’ve been there and done that.

“Enacting comprehensive energy reform that optimizes the uses of current energy sources while incentivizing the innovation of new and renewable sources of energy.”  The government has done such a good job optimizing current energy sources with ethanol.  The fuel is less efficient and clogs our equipment, yet we are still using it.  Why?  Because the government incentivized the construction of ethanol plants where we turn our food supply corn into fuel.  Have you looked at the numbers?  Without heavy government subsidies there is no way this would continue.  What did Obama do with Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer?  Where did the 500 million dollars of taxpayer money go Beto?  The government should not pick winners and losers Beto, it never works out for us.

All of the quotations used in this piece came from Beto’s campaign platform website not from any anonymous website.

Ladies and gentlemen Beto is nothing special.  He is just another liberal socialist who thinks the government should be in total control of your lives and your children’s lives from cradle to grave.  He believes it’s only good if the government says it’s good.  I can’t believe socialism is taking such a hold on America these days.  It is frightening that people like Beto and Bernie Sanders can get an audience.

I hope you will vote in the midterms and vote for Ted Cruz.  Senator Cruz is a true patriot and embraces freedom because he knows what it is like to lose it.  His family lost their freedom when Castro took power in Cuba. He like many others lost everything they owned when the Castro regime confiscated everything of value and nationalized all private property.  You say that could never happen here; well that’s exactly what the Venezuelans said ten years ago and look at them now.