What caused the Charlottesville tragedy to occur?  It is the ongoing effort of some people to erase history.  Guess what, you can’t erase history. 

What happened; happened.  Yes the civil war was horrific but our country survived it, learned from it and united as one country.  The fact that we were able to unite as one country after this was a miracle.  Most countries would have dissolved and remained forever divided.

What’s really a shame is that racism and bigotry is fertilized by politicians, the news media, and by black and white racists.  Politicians, mainly Democrats are quick to publicize and accuse the Republican Party of being made up of racist anytime there is some kind of white on black altercation or the tragedy that happened in Charlottesville.  The news media further amplifies racism by selectively showing the most slanted view as possible to increase their ratings.  Remember, for them it’s all about the money.  Black and white racist message never changes and they have been delivering their hate for over a hundred years.  I don’t listen to it because it’s not worth my time.

The Union army and the Confederate army both had their great leaders.  They were at war with each other and one was trying to defeat the other but in all of that there were some great leaders.  As in all wars, there were also some horrific leaders.  War brings out the best leadership and worst behaviors of mankind and neither should be forgotten.

Leave the statues alone.  They are history.  They tell a story, a story of hurtful times, but also a story of our nation’s evolution.

The atrocities of history should not be blurred and neither should the beautiful events of history for they all have a message.  We need to take heed and also learn from all of these messages for it is very true that when a society forgets its’ past it is doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.