President Trump is keeping his word.  He is really trying to secure our southern border with Mexico.  Other Presidents in my lifetime have talked about it and pledged to do this but have always just kicked the can down the road.  Well guess what, times have changed and the can cannot be kicked any longer.

I am sick and tired of the Democratic leaders saying that President Trump is holding the American people hostage by keeping the government closed.  What a load of crap.  The real story is how they will not work with Trump to build walls, fences, or whatever other physical barriers to keep illegal immigrants out of our country.  How can anyone argue that physical barriers do not work when they are used everywhere in our society, from prisons to Pelosi’s house.  Walls and fences keep either people or animals out or in.

The only people being held hostage by the Democratic Party is us; the citizens of our country.  Criminal gang members cross the border at will and then prey on American citizens every day.  This sometimes ends with a citizen dying.

Drugs such as heroin and strong opioids are flooding across the Sothern border in record breaking amounts causing death and destroying thousands of American lives.

When I say times have changed, they really have.  Now another real threat that was not there 20 years ago is terrorism.  Terrorist have now gained the means to travel abroad and can enter our country from the south.   Once in Mexico, they can transport God knows what across the border to wreak havoc on our society.  I am very worried about this threat.

The Democrats have voted for these same measures before so I feel the real reason they won’t vote for it now is their hatred of Donald Trump.  They hate Trump more than they care for the safety of our citizens.  That is a dereliction of their duty to guard and protect the sovereignty of our nation and the citizens therein.

I am not, and most people I know are not against legal immigration.  I know the system because I have used the system and believe it or not, the USCIS have very good instructions on the steps necessary for legal immigration.  We must know the people we allow in our country are not criminals and will not be a burden on our society.  We cannot even pay for commitments to our own citizens now.

So Democrats you had better hear this message because I feel I speak for millions of moderate conservatives and independent voters when I tell you that we will hold you accountable for any bad event that happens during this shutdown because of your failure to work with the President to secure our southern border.  2020 is not too far away and we will not forget.