These are dangerous times from the deep state.  I don’t believe the people betraying our democracy and our country by trying to undermine the Presidency understand the consequences of their actions.  The leaking of phone conversations between any President and foreign leaders is a serious threat to national security.  This is dangerous and threatens the lives of all Americans.

I have lived 60 years and I have never seen treasonous actions like the ones occurring now committed by people in the government against a President because they have a different ideology.

Do these people not understand that if they destroy the Presidency they in effect destroy the country?  Do they really believe if they somehow force our President out of office that we, the people that voted for him, will take this lying down?  That would be a serious miscalculation on their part.

We see and understand what is happening.  We see fake Republicans undermining the President, we see the fake news doing everything they can to destroy President Trump, and we see the Democrats and the deep state treasonous people trying to destroy our country from the inside out.

It is a horrible shame that the President cannot trust the members of his own party.  We elected President Trump because we believed in his message.  We believed that he indeed wanted to put America first, and you know what, he has.  He continues to keep one promise after another that he pledged to do.  Fake Republicans such as John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Lindsey Graham, and Susan Collins, to name a few, are traitors to their party and to the people that elected them.  They should just proceed with switching parties, at least then they would be true unto themselves since they can’t be true to the President.

Where are the other Republicans that should be surrounding the President with help and support?  Why are they not calling for a special counsel regarding Hillary Clinton and the pay for play with the Clinton Foundation?  You want to see Russian collusion just look at the Uranium One deal with Russia and Hillary.  Over a 140 million dollar “donation” to the Clinton Foundation from Russia after they got 25% of our uranium while she was Sec. of State and had to approve the deal. 

Republicans you had better circle the wagons and quickly.  Either the laws apply to everyone or they don’t, and if they don’t, God help us all for we are headed to anarchy.  Time is short.