Well congratulations America, you have preserved freedom for at least 4 years.  You have put a President in office that believes in freedom and capitalism.  A President that believes in the rule of law.  As I have said before, President-elect Donald Trump is not as kind and gentle as many would like, but a kind and gentle candidate could not have defeated the ruthless, corrupt, and unethical Hillary Clinton.  If you analyze what Trump did, it was really amazing.  He defeated anti Trump Republicans, the entire media both print and televised, and the socialist Democrats.  And what force allowed him to do this?  The people’s thirst for justice and freedom.  He awoke the people who understand how valuable these two characteristics of a society are, and how if you should ever lose them, how difficult it would be to get them back.

President elect Trump does not owe any politician or special interest a damn thing.  Nobody owns Donald Trump.  He only owes the people who put him in a position to enact his vision of what is best for America.  I have never met Mr. Trump, but I really believe he is humbled by what those of us have done that voted for him in giving him the victory.  I really believe he understands the trust that we have placed in him and I truly believe he plans on walking the talk.

Donald Trump is a builder.  He builds hotels, golf courses, casinos, and office buildings.  This is what drives him.  He enjoys seeing people work hard, become successful, and giving their family a better life.  He does not want government to get in the way of this.  This is why his administration will move the government out of the way, financially incentivize industries to return home and reinvigorate manufacturing jobs in America.  This is what must occur for more Americans to achieve the American dream.

To all you young people rioting, what do you expect to accomplish?  This is an act of futility.  Instead of this, you should focus this energy on what you can do to place yourself in a position to reap the benefits of the upcoming revival of American manufacturing.  Rioting and hurting other people’s livelihood is hurtful to society.  Do you not realize that the business owner whose glass you break or building you burn also has a family and need that business to feed and clothe them?  Are you that selfish?

To those politicians who would stand in his way and block the enactment of his vision.  You will be in for a fight.  You have never faced an opponent like him.  He will surround himself with brilliant people and they will advise him on how best to legislate his agenda.  He will not be intimidated by the press and he will use them like no other to communicate his vision.  You get nasty, he won’t care, and he is accustomed to it.

It would be ideal if you could work together to get the best product for all Americans.  Where have I heard “Of the people, By the people, and For the people?”  Reflect on this when deciding your course of action because we will be watching.

Keep US Great