The wall, border security, is really all about the sovereignty of our nation.  I will again try and offer just some common sense justifications to why it is important to control who comes into our country.  Guess what, it will not be political, just middle of the road logic.

We are supposed to be a country that lives by the rule of law.  We have all kinds of laws that govern all kinds of activities and those include laws of immigration.  Immigration laws were written very early in the life of our Republic because it was recognized very early on that many people would like to migrate here to enjoy a life of freedom.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it was also recognized that there must be controls in place to prevent bad elements from entering our country.  If any country on earth does not control who comes into their country they don’t really have a sovereign country.

Our southern border is where we have the highest risk for bad elements to illegally enter our country.  It is vast, remote, and very difficult to monitor.  This is where many people choose to bypass our immigration laws and enter the country.  The true tragedy here is not so much the actual crossing but rather what these people travelling to the crossing area are subjected to.  Many women and children are raped and some sold into the sex slavery business by Mexican gangs.  Some pay all of their life savings to Mexican coyotes to get them across and then they are left to die in the desert or in the back of some semi-tractor trailer on a hot summer day.  There are many horror stories to be told here but the point is that if we had good control of the southern border these kinds of activities would be dramatically reduced.  So there is a humanitarian issue here as well that should motivate politicians to act.

By not securing the southern border we are inviting gangs like MS-13 to enter our country.  These are dangerous people who don’t care about life and live to kill and steal from law abiding people.  We do not want them to be able to easily come into our country.  Terrorist also see our southern border as an easy way to enter our country and bring dangerous materials with them to cause mass death and destruction.

With no or little control of our southern border drug smugglers have seized on this opportunity and are using it as an easy way to smuggle drugs into our country.  I am not just talking about weed here; I’m talking about heroin and very strong opioids.  Both of these have proven deadly to thousands of our people.  And again; people are being exploited as mules to carry these drugs across our border, and some make it and some don’t.  It’s yet another example of a humanitarian crisis.

I wish I could get you to understand how huge an area our southern border is; it is over 1500 miles long.  It would be very impractical to try and use only manpower to monitor and control this border.  It will take manpower, fencing, walls, barriers, drones, and sensors to control this border.  Again; this is just plain good old common sense.   And yet we have done little or nothing for over 30 years.  We have talked about it, and promptly kicked the can down the road.  Well guess what, when you ignore a problem most of the time it only gets worse, and the southern border has now reached the crisis level.  The southern border of our country is totally out of control and that should really scare you.  I really want you to understand the gravity of how serious this issue is for the safety of your family.

Meanwhile all politicians can do is shutdown the government and refuse to discuss the total border security package including a wall or fencing because of political games and stubbornness.  Americans are dying everyday while politicians in Washington do nothing to stop the madness and enforce existing immigration laws.

I urge you to contact your congressman and senators and tell them we want a total border security package that includes everything; and we want it now.  Do your damn job.