Rootin Tootin Vladimir Putin.  Personally, I am sick of hearing about Russia and how they tried to interfere in our elections.

Of course they did.  People, or I should say Democrats, act as if this is something new and it is certainly not.  Remember Obama saying we shouldn’t worry about it because the Russians could not interfere because our elections were too broadly dispersed?  Of course that was until Hillary Clinton lost, then Russian meddling became a crisis.  Guess what, we try and do the same things, maybe not in their elections because they don’t have real elections, but we play dirty cyber tricks whenever we can with the Russians and others as well.

We have a harder time with cyber warfare against China, Russia, and North Korea for sure.  Why?  Well because those countries strictly control their internet.  All of the servers are controlled by the government therefore all the internet traffic is controlled as well.   Unless you are staying at a hotel in China you won’t be seeing Google, Facebook, or Instagram and if you are staying at a hotel you have to assume they are monitoring your every move on the internet.  They have similar programs, but they are all contained and controlled on government servers.    When the government controls the internet it is easier for them to prevent unwanted traffic to enter their country.

We on the other hand have a pretty much open internet where the servers are not government controlled.  Sure, these server complexes must meet government safety standards but they are independent and they are a business.  We instead, count on seriously strong virus and malware programs to combat against foreign assaults on our net.

Now do not think for one minute that if you begin ranting on the net and were to mention certain trigger words that you would not get some very unwanted attention because I assure you that you would.  Mr. Snowden left the country when he divulged just what the government’s capabilities were, remember?

When Russia flies their bombers very close to our borders or we sail our ships very close to those artificial islands the Chinese have built in the South China Sea those are not just pleasure trips.  Rather they are designed to collect data on what each other’s abilities are regarding detection, jamming, and cyber infiltration as well.

Everyone in the world is really being amused at our comical surprise that, OMG Putin’s government tried to influence our election.  We must do more to defend against these annoyances because countries wanting to do cyber harm are only going to try harder and get better at it.  We need to stop our sideshow and get on with a strong defense and an aggressive offense regarding cyber warfare.  These countries need to know if they do harm to us we will reciprocate with equal or more intensity.