I currently subscribe to The Wall Street Journal.  I did this because I enjoy reading the paper in the morning with a good cup of joe.  The Journal, to me, was the last vestige of unbiased or less biased reporting, but it looks as if they too have fallen to the left.  Needless to say I will not renew my subscription when the time comes.  Today they reported that China will be upset that Taiwan’s President and President-elect Trump had a phone conversation.  OMG two world leaders have a phone conversation. 

The article went on to say that China considers Taiwan a territory and that this could be a diplomatic problem for the U.S.  I ask you, what does Taiwan think?  Does anyone care?  Obama ducked and ran from this issue.

What the article did not say was what China is doing in the South China Sea building artificial islands far from their shores and forbidding international shipping to come close as they claim this is now in their international waters.  They are also building airstrips on these islands for military purposes.  So I ask you, why shouldn’t we speak with Taiwan?  Clearly China is flexing its muscles, why shouldn’t we?  Should there be no consequences for China’s aggression?

China respects strength, Russia respects strength.  We have displayed little strength in the last eight years and the message is; we are back.  We will lead and we will communicate what we like and dislike.  Running or avoiding problems never solves them.  President-elect Trump is not a politician but a businessman and he knows this.  The old stale ways of diplomacy in today’s fast paced information at the touch of a button are over. New diplomacy requires communication to lead before others step ahead of you.

So don’t be so quick to condemn Trump.  The man is not even in office yet.

Oh and by the way; rumor has it he will receive the Nobel Peace Prize before January 20th.