What goes around comes around to haunt you later.  It is really horrifying how the left or socialist are encouraging rude and obnoxious behavior by their followers toward conservatives who are just trying to do their jobs and represent the people that elected them.

Maxine Waters is all but encouraging violence and rioting against conservatives.  Basically, anyone who is not a Democrat or socialist is a target according to her.  Yet, if someone was to target her the same way she is targeting other people, the first thing she would holler is racism.  She and others like her are hypocrites who have no intelligent solutions or offer no viable alternatives and they rely on their race and support of various government programs to get re-elected.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Adam Schiff appear to be silently supporting Maxine.  Very rarely do they ever publically condemn her calls to attack conservatives.

The Socialist Democrats all want to try and impeach President Trump.  They are not coming out and saying it, well some of the more ignorant of them are, but trust me, they can’t wait to file impeachment proceedings  should they gain control of the House or Senate.  Would they be successful, no they would not, but the fact that they filed proceedings would make them happy.

We already had a conservative Congressman get shot last year while playing baseball.  Senator Rand Paul was attacked while mowing his yard and his ribs were broken.  Mitch McConnell and his wife were verbally attacked while dining out.  Is this what the new Democratic Socialist Party is advocating, that if you can’t win at the ballot box then resorting to violence and rude behavior is another means to an end?

For the most part, conservatives are law abiding citizens who work hard for their money and are trying to raise their children in hopes they will have better lives than they have had.  That really should be every parent’s goal.  I will tell you, I am sensing a lot of frustration building amongst conservatives, in that we are seeing that justice is not being equally enforced on all.  We are seeing that liberal, socialist teachers and professors are influencing our children in ways we do not approve of, and then we have to make sure they get the conservative viewpoint when they get home.  We are seeing that if we believe in God and stand for the Pledge of Allegiance we are being targeted by Democrats.

There is a storm brewing and I worry where it might lead and I feel the only thing that might quell this storm are voices of moderation from the left.   Instead of encouraging rude and violent behavior toward conservatives they should offer plausible legislation that can affect changes in the law that can be voted on.  This is how America is supposed to work.  If not, we will continue our descent toward socialism and we will be a larger version of Venezuela, and don’t believe that can’t happen here, because it surely can.