Obama and the Democrats still tearing America apart.  Obama’s eight years in office was the most lawless in the history of America in my opinion.  During his administration he and his team abused their power and made end runs around Congress that would sicken our founding fathers.  Even after Donald Trump’s election, Obama set in motion the illusion of Russian collusion on his way out.

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, what your ethnicity is, what religion you practice, or what your sexual orientation is, what happened to General Flynn should scare the hell out of you.  This man was set up so that the Russian collusion scam could be justified.  Obama’s team and high ranking officials in the FBI conspired to trap General Flynn in hopes he would flip and falsely testify that he was aware of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in hopes of nullifying the 2016 election.  I’m almost 100% sure Obama choreographed this event with all the key players of his team such as Jim Clapper, President Barack Obama’s director of national intelligence, former Obama administration U.N. ambassador Samantha Power, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, FBI Director James Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI agent Peter Strzok, CIA director John Brennan and many other players.  The most wicked of all of these people is Adam Schiff who lied repeatedly about the existence of collusion evidence when he knew there was none.  https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-adam-schiff-should-resign

You ask well why on earth would Obama and all of these other people create and perpetuate this illusion.  The answer is that this was insurance in the event Donald Trump was elected President instead of Hillary Clinton.  Obama knew that Hillary was not a strong candidate and that she had baggage from her earlier years.  He knew America knew Hillary.  In his mind he had to do something as a contingency to either nullify the 2016 election or hamstring the new Trump administration for as long as possible.  Well look what happened, we have had almost 4 years of this travesty and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars not to mention wasting the time of many people in the Trump administration.

Can you imagine being General Flynn and having all these powerful people conspire against you?  These people I’m sure threatened his son with some kind of investigation if he didn’t confess to some kind of wrongdoing.  He lost his career, his home, and his life completely disrupted.  He was about to be sentenced to prison until previously secret testimony became available that was being held by Adam Schiff.  This testimony becoming available has resulted in showing just how this conspiracy against Flynn was contrived and who the players were.  It absolutely shows what happens when powerful people who are supposed to enforce the law, use the law to further their political agenda.

Now of course Obama is coming out saying that what Flynn did was criminal and he does not deserve to be let off the hook. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/obama-rule-of-law-at-risk-doj-michael-flynn-case  Of course he is, Obama knows how bad this makes his Presidency look, even though there were many other transgressions committed during his Presidency that were just as bad.  You want me to name a few, Solyndra loan, weaponizing the IRS with Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious with Eric Holder at the helm, writing onerous rules to empower the EPA to circumvent Congress, and Executive orders to rewrite immigration law again circumventing Congress.  There are many more and he did these things because he believes the American Constitution is a dated document and needs to be revised.

The Democratic Party resents our right to vote.  They truly believe that they should pick the leaders of the country and that the country needs to become socialist.  They strongly believe that there needs to be a strong central government that is powerful and that the masses must succumb to its direction.  The Democrats do not believe in individual freedoms or the accumulation of wealth by individuals from inventions, creativity, or entrepreneurship.  They believe that all accomplishments are derived from the human collective which is sponsored by the government.  Individual accomplishment would not be possible without government support either directly or indirectly according to the Democratic Party.

So, as you can see with this Russian Collusion hoax, the Democratic Party only supports and adheres to laws that will further their cause.  They ignore, circumvent or break the laws they need to; to achieve the goal they desire.  If they are called out, those people are labelled conspiracy wackos, or racist, or any other offensive label they can use to deflect attention from their actions to those that would oppose them.  What gives them even more power is the media that supports their socialist agenda.  The media might as well be assimilated into the Democratic National Committee for the hypocrisy they exhibit is astounding.

So America, we have a big choice to make in November and it will likely determine if America will remain a Democratic Republic or fall into the abyss of socialism.  Hundreds of thousands of our fellow countrymen have given their lives for the freedoms we have today, I pray we make the right choice in November to preserve them.

Freedom is Not Free