President Trump will nominate another Supreme Court Justice on July 9th.  No matter who he nominates the Democrats will not support them and will do everything they can to obstruct the process.  Democrats like to nominate progressive judges so if they can’t get their legislation passed in Congress they can get the judicial branch to do their bidding for them with liberal rulings.

President Trump promised, if he was elected, to nominate conservative judges to the lower federal courts and to the Supreme Court should he get the opportunity.  He has kept his promise thus far.  I appreciate judges that interpret and apply the law as it is written.  It is not a judge’s responsibility to dictate new law from the bench.

I have reviewed some of the people; 14 to be exact, on President Trump’s list of potential nominees and they all seem to be constitutional, three equal branch government minded people.  I certainly have not spent days reviewing these people but just a few hours to be truthful.  This link will show you who is on President Trump’s list

Of the fourteen I reviewed, two really stood out to me, and I think either would make an excellent justice.  These two gentlemen would not be too conservative and would certainly not be liberal.  I will list them alphabetically by last name because in my mind they are equal.

Judge Raymond Kethledge of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals is certainly a unique jurist.  He has co-authored a book named Lead Yourself First.  Follow this link to read the review if you wish  Judge Kethledge also clerked for retiring Justice Kennedy.  From what I have read about the man he seems to be very intelligent and his opinions are concise, not overly conservative, and highly accurate.  Some of his hobbies include hunting in Midwest.   Here is a link to some cases he has heard and his opinions.  Here is yet another link if you wish to read more about Judge Kethledge

The other candidate that really impresses me is Judge Amul Thapar also from the 6th Circuit.  If you read both pages of this link I think you will see what kind of man Judge Thapar is. Typically people are not this impressed with people they work with.  Judge Thapar is always well prepared and knows the law.  Here are some cases he heard and his opinions. Lastly, one more link about Judge Thapar.

All of the candidates President Trump has listed are very qualified; however, some are just a little too conservative for me.  Again, I want a constitutionalist to be confirmed and not a progressive.  I want someone that is fair and also human and I believe from what I have read about these two men, either would be able to deliver the goods.