The deep state is indeed alive and well in the United States government.  What is the deep state exactly?  Let me attempt to offer you my definition of this term:  The deep state refers to un-elected government officials in powerful positions who have their own agenda regarding the direction of the country regardless of the will of the people.  They conspire with each other to implement their agenda and they have the power to do so. 

This should scare every citizen in this country.  I don’t care what party you are a follower of and I don’t care what religion you practice or if you practice none at all.  I don’t care about your nationality or your sexual orientation.  But alas, most Americans don’t realize this and are going about their daily lives oblivious to the fact that their desires are being undermined more often than not.  The deep state is a threat to everything America stands for.  The worst thing about the deep state is I cannot offer you a viable method to purge them out of our government.

I suppose there has always been this entity within our government but it seems as if the Obama administration really empowered this entity in an effort to preserve control of the Executive branch of our government by the Democratic Party by insuring the election of Hillary Clinton.  This, it seems, was a directive to be achieved at all cost.

I never, in my lifetime, would have expected to see the F.B.I. compromised in the manner and to the degree that it was.   James Comey and Andrew McCabe both it seems were determined not to investigate Hillary Clinton for her egregious national security incompetence and negligence.  She is also not being pursued for her hijacking of the Democratic primary and rendering the Bernie Sanders campaign impudent.  It also seems that Hillary bought and paid for the Russian dossier that was used by McCabe to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.  No person has no opinion or is neutral on all subjects or political beliefs; however, when you are in a position of authority and in control of enforcing the law your beliefs cannot come into play when performing this job.   You cannot use your authority to sway or hamper an investigation to facilitate your desired outcome.

I don’t know whether or not Peter Strzok or Lisa Page played any role in the obstruction of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.  I will say that Peter’s infidelity with Lisa Page shows an obvious deviation of moral character which to me says if he will break his wedding vows what else is he capable of?  I will also say that some of the texts between these two individuals are very disturbing and cast a huge shadow of doubt on their neutrality.

Most recently, Congressional investigators have subpoenaed the F.B.I. and the Justice Department specifically for the documents used to request the FISA court warrants allowing for the wiretapping of Trump campaign workers.  The F.B.I. is not cooperating and it looks as if Congress will have to file contempt charges to gain access to the underacted documents justifying the warrants.  It is very strange to me that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and F.B.I. Director Chris Wray cannot seem to produce these documents.  Perhaps they are being ordered not to do so.   Isn’t that interesting?

I really believe what is happening is that corrupt leadership is being asked to investigate itself.  I also believe that the FISA warrants issued multiple times were justified on false premises and the judges that issued them were misled.  I also believe that the Clinton investigation was not conducted in neutrality and that the outcome was dictated.

The deep state has entrenched itself very deeply in our government to the level that it threatens to override the will of the people.  This spells the end of our government and the end of our way of life.  I feel we are on the precipice of losing our liberty and I offer no remedy to thwart this ominous state of our nation.   If the rule of law means nothing, and the will of the people is subverted, we are lost.