The Russia collusion follies are almost over.  With the recent Inspector General’s report hot off the press regarding the antics of Andrew McCabe and others, the Russia investigation is doomed.  Not only is it doomed but it is imploding on those that hatched it.

The IG report spells out in great detail how McCabe leaked more than once to the Wall Street Journal.  In the report he was asked, under oath, about these leaks and he was not truthful.  McCabe implied at some point that he told Comey about one of the leaks; however, the IG report indicates that based on Comey’s testimony the IG did not believe this to be the case.

Without a doubt, I believe McCabe was conflicted due to his wife receiving almost 750, 00.00 dollars in campaign donations from the Clinton Foundation.  There is no way that kind of money exchanges hands with no strings attached, not happening.  Of course McCabe offers that his wife’s campaign was over before the investigation started but I just don’t believe he could have been neutral and not have major problems on the home front.

In the IG report, Comey and McCabe had several conversations about the leaks.  Observing Comey in action, I just find it almost impossible to believe that he had no knowledge of McCabe’s actions.  I just don’t believe it was possible.  My own opinion is that Comey is just not trustworthy.

I have to wonder about the tarmac conversation that occurred between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton.  I wonder during that meeting did Bill tell Loretta about the Steele dossier that Hillary had paid for and that they would be releasing it soon.  He may have even given a copy of it to her on a thumb drive, who knows.  Did they plan how the dossier would be used to get FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign?  We will never know, but a lot of things can be discussed in a 45 minute meeting especially if you are prepared like I am sure Bill was.  You can never forget how much the Clinton’s paid for that dossier; I believe it was north of 8 million dollars.

The whole thing is just dirty.  Everywhere you look there are people involved with the investigation that are compromised.  You have Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok texting very biased things against Trump while Strzok was one of the lead investigators looking into the Clinton e-mail scandal.  Were Strzok and McCabe working together?  What was Comey doing?

What about Rod Rosenstein’s involvement with using the dossier to obtain FISA warrants to wiretap Trump campaign workers?  Did he ever ask anyone if the dossier had been validated?  Who in the FBI or Justice department ever validated the dossier or were they told not to be concerned that is was handled at a higher level?

Now knowing all of these things and conflicts, how is it possible that anyone can believe anything Mueller will find.  Really, with everything being based on the dossier anything that is discovered will be fruit from a poisonous tree and not even admissible.

What this really boils down to is the Clinton’s using their money and power to plant disinformation with the dossier and then engaging top officials in the FBI and Justice Department to use this to slander the Trump campaign and weaponized law enforcement and the courts to spy on the Trump campaign.  Nixon did this with Watergate and here we are again only this time the highest law enforcement agencies in the nation were used and compromised to perform these acts.

This should scare you to death that corruption at these levels could occur in our country.  Has the morals and ethics of our leaders really deteriorated to this level?  Is everyone for sale?  It really is a shame and it is very hard for me to have any confidence in elected officials.  It really appears that they are only concerned about their own self-interest rather than was is best for our country and their constituents.

I hope these follies are almost over so we can truly understand how we got here and can prosecute those responsible and put controls in place so that we never, as a nation, have to endure such a disgrace again.