As the Democratic Party turns away from America their members grow fewer and fewer.  Less people than ever before will publically acknowledge that they are Democrats and the reason for this is the Party’s anti-American, anti-Middle class rhetoric.

This was very apparent during the State of the Union address delivered by President Trump.  The message was his effort to reach out and display his willingness to talk about issues which should be bipartisan such as immigration reform, infrastructure improvements, border security, and improving our military.

Even when the President recognized African American families who had lost daughters to MS-13 violence none of the Democrats stood and recognized their loss.  None of the Democrats stood when the guy that escaped North Korea and lost one of his legs in the process stood and held up his crutches in victory.  What a horrible message they send.

What about when the ICE agent that was recognized for sending over 200 gang members out of our country and again no recognition from the Democrats.

What is the thought process of Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz telling middle class families that one or two thousand dollars is “crumbs” and they should not appreciate this money?  This reveals how out of touch they are with Americans.  This demonstrates their elitist view as they look down their noses at the middle class.

Earlier in my life, America had a two party system where you could hear two rational differing views on what part the government should play in our everyday lives.  Back then the Democrats championed the working middle class and fought for more benefits for the family.  They also fought for minorities’ and women’s rights.  Now, they are more interested in potential immigrant votes than the votes of existing American citizens.

Now, the Democratic Party is only interested in converting America into a communist country where the government will control who wins and who loses and the only winners will be those who are loyal to the government.  I have visited China many times and I see the control.  You won’t see it on TV, but in real life it is eye opening and sad for the Chinese people.  I can’t believe this is the dream of the Democratic Party in America, but apparently it is.

So now, at least for me, there is no longer a viable option when voting and either I vote for communism or freedom and liberty.

For me, freedom and liberty win every time.