The midterm elections are critical for the continuation of the prosperity we are finally seeing.  After the end of eight long years of the Obama Presidency, and with the loss of Hillary Clinton, the American Dream is once again attainable for millions more Americans.

Americans and American businesses have now found the confidence they lost while Obama was President.  People now feel that freedom and the rule of law are returning.

Businesses see regulations being rolled back and feel that they can now better understand the playing field.  Big corporations just got an opportunity to re-patriate money they had overseas and invest in America.  Why would they do that you ask?  They would and are doing this because the Republicans just gave them a big reduction in their tax rate that will allow them to compete globally and be stationed in the United States.  This means the return of manufacturing jobs with higher pay and benefits for workers.

We must educate people and make them see how the Democrats weaponized the IRS, the F.B.I., and the Justice Department and help them understand that this is a threat to our democracy and our nation.  Freedom of speech and your right to privacy are both hugely threatened by what the Democrats did.

The current Democratic Party is a danger to our nation.  They do not believe in our Constitution or the rule of law.  These things are a hindrance to them and prevent them from converting America to socialism.

This is why it is critical that we are as engaged in the midterms as we were when we elected Donald Trump as our President.  We literally saved our country when we did this.  Some will scoff at this, but I firmly believe this.

We simply cannot allow the Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives or the Senate.  If they take control of the House the first thing they will do is try and impeach Donald Trump simply because they hate him so badly.  Next, they will dream up countless more reasons to have investigation after investigation to not allow any productive legislation to pass.

So I ask you to please pass this blog along and urge people you talk with to stay engaged for the midterms.  It is vital to keep up the momentum we have just started.  We need this; and our country needs this.

Freedom is not Free