Venezuela one of the most beautiful places on this earth.  The culture of the average Venezuelan is one of family love, hard work, honesty, and national pride.  Venezuela is blessed to have many natural resources, the main one being oil.  What is happening in Venezuela is heartbreaking.  The nation is on the brink of a violent revolution because of socialism or progressivism.

Venezuela’s middle class numbers have plummeted during the last 15 years due to companies closing their doors as a result of increasing government taxation on one hand and price controls on the other.  It has reached a point where there are no jobs to be had, and the middle class has vanished.

Another economic disaster for Venezuela is the fact that no international company will invest there because of a real fear of their investment being nationalized or taken by the government.  This coupled with the above mentioned overbearing government intervention has put Venezuela where it is.

Did I forget to mention government corruption, sorry about that because where there is socialism there is rampant corruption and abuse of power because they obey only the laws they agree with and ignore the others.  With the government controlling so much of the society it is almost impossible to have any true political opposition challenger.

Now, with oil prices not recovering, no investments from the private or international sectors, the Venezuelan people are literally starving.  There is little food on the shelves and what is there is too costly.  I foresee major problems for the citizens of this country.  I strongly believe there will be a violent revolution and many innocent people will die.  I hope I am wrong, but it has gone too far and help in the form of a different ideology is too far out in the future.

We need to pray for the people of Venezuela and be there for them when they have purged out the current leaders of their country.  Hopefully, they will win their freedom and can once again be the comfortable country they once were.