There are fewer things more important in a Presidency than appointing a Supreme Court Justice.  They are appointed for life and are completely independent from the Executive and Legislative branch once sworn in.  These nine individuals are at the pinnacle of the judicial branch of our government.  In a purist world, their job is to hear the merits of a case and decide whether or not it is allowed by the U.S. Constitution or if it is in violation of the Constitution.  The cases they hear can involve cases between individuals, states, companies, and the federal government, or any combination thereof.  The most important aspect of their opinions, is that they set precedence for all future discrepancies that are similar in nature and associated with that issue.

For me, it is not a judge’s job to legislate from the bench.  The legislature, whether state or federal, writes laws.  Judges or the judicial branch interprets whether or not the laws as written are constitutional or not.  It is a judge’s job to insure that the case before them is tried in a fair manner and that both sides of a case are presented in accordance to proper legal proceedings and that the correct rule of law is applied.  If the case before them is a Constitutional case, then it is their job to determine if what is in question is allowed or not.  It is not their job to create new laws from the bench.

Why is that important you ask?  Well, because federal judges are appointed for life and are not elected by the people.  It is vitally important that elected officials write laws that we abide by, and are held accountable to, so that we have a say in what is contained in those laws.  So, if you don’t like the laws that are written, then you vote those politicians out, and vote new ones in that will write laws that you agree with.  You don’t get a vote with a federal judge.

Our forefathers that wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were brilliant people for their time.  The Constitution is an evergreen document that still applies today.  There are leftist people out there who will argue that the document is outdated and needs to be re-written to reflect more modern times.  In my opinion, this is not true, what they really mean is that they don’t agree with the document and want it to reflect more of what they believe in, than what is currently written.  Trust me, what they really want is the government to be more powerful and have more control over our lives, and for you and me to have less freedom.

This is why it is so important that President Trump appoint a strict constitutionalist that will write opinions based on the laws that are in place, and on the existing Constitution.  The last thing our country needs right now is an activist Supreme Court Judge either too conservative, or too liberal.  We vitally need a centrist and a down to earth person with a brilliant legal mind.

Here is a link that contains some of the people on Trump’s list.

If Trump is successful in finding this person, then we need politicians to do the right thing and confirm his nominee.  Yeah right; good luck with that.