John McCain is nothing more than a bitter old man that cares more about obstructing a path forward than he cares about his country or his alleged party.  He has never got over his horrible defeat in his run for the Presidency.

John McCain is a Vietnam war veteran and a former POW.  I get it. I do not get his constant objection to moving us away from a single payer system.  I heard him say the other day that he could not move things forward until he heard input from the Democrats.  Well John, did they get input from you when they shoved the Affordable Care Act down all of our throats?  No they did not.  Senator we all know the end game for the Democrats is a single payer system, are you that naïve and don’t realize that or is that what you also want?

What is stopping the Democrats from speaking up now?  If they have ideas, you and them should huddle and bring them into the light.  We are seeing their idea unfold.  They always wanted the Affordable Care Act to fail, and it is.  This was the first step to their endgame, a single payer system.  The single payer system won’t affect you or your big donors right Senator; because they, just like you, will be able to shelter your money where we, the common citizens cannot.  This last statement is true for much of our federal government and a cause for many of our problems as well.

I can’t understand why when the votes did not count you voted for repeal, and now all of a sudden when it counts, you can’t.  Are you that shallow Senator?  Also Senator, how are the citizens of Arizona going to enjoy the huge premium increase they are about to see?

I am certainly no fan of Senator Graham but at least his idea moves the decisions of healthcare back to the states.  This will allow governors to develop new and innovative ideas to move healthcare more to an open market system.  Increase competition for people’s health care dollars.  This is the answer to better health care and lower cost for all.

I see three things that are keeping you from doing what is right for America: your bitterness from losing, your love of money, and you hatred of President Trump.  It is a shame you are contributing to the decline of our country and this will be your legacy.