There is an evil undercurrent working very hard to divide our country any way they can.  The Democratic socialist party truly is evil and they are the only ones that can stop the madness.  Since losing the election their sole mission has been to use whatever means they can to destroy our country and ruin the Presidency, democracy, and freedom.

They are using extreme measures up to and including possibly inciting murder.  That’s right murder.

Let’s look at Charlottesville, why do you think there were over 500 reporters complete with radio and television coverage all present in a sleepy Virginia town?  It was reported that there were more press there than protesters.  Do you really believe this just accidently happened?

How is it that the radical left protesters showed up there ready for a fight?  Well really the only way is that it was orchestrated, and choreographed to incite violence and death.  Could it be that a community organizer that is well funded set all this up?

Of course the ignorant press plays along and is probably paid very well to say what they are told to say.  Was the mayor and other city officials also a part of the scheme?  Where were the police?  Who told them to stand down?

President Trump was exactly right when he said there were two evil and despicable parties present in Charlottesville; one no better than the other; both absolutely horrible.  Then there were peaceful people there as well, on both sides, just wanting to voice their concern in a non-violent manner.

How far will the Democratic Party go to ruin our country; to permanently scar our country with their poison?  I guess they know no limits.

Please do not listen to the poison and rhetoric from the left.  They do not love America for they embrace socialism.  If you have any opinion that differs from the Democratic Party then you are a redneck, homophobic, woman hating, racist and bigot.  You are a slobbering fool that deserves to be beaten.  It appears that violence is the now the face of the Democratic Party.  Congratulations; you should be proud.