I have been thinking for a couple of days on exactly what to write about where we are as a country right now.   There are so many crazy things happening that it is really hard to discern.  You really have 3 forces in play; the Dirty Discombobulated Democrats (DDD), the Raunchy Republicans (RR), and the Putrid Press (PP).  You put those together and you pretty much get what is tearing this country apart.  Will we survive?  I don’t really know because the country is on edge and the middle class has had about enough.  If they revolt, the country is done.

The DDD’s are still living in Hillary world.  They cannot accept defeat and move on.  Instead they are hanging on and being pure obstructionist.  They have neither a new message nor new leadership.  All they are doing is organizing hate groups, inciting violence, and promoting racism.  You would thing they would want to change their tune because the middle class and moderates are tired of hearing this song.  Neither approves of what the Democrats are doing to cause racial tension and neither is going to vote for a Democrat as a result of it as well.  Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act becomes more and more unaffordable and more and more insurance companies continue to pull out of the market place.  This is their baby and they offer nothing to save it.  All they do is taunt the Republicans for not fixing the problem they caused.  George Soros, Obama, Clinton and the DNC are all orchestrating a summer of racism and death in 2017.  Their message fans hatred and does nothing constructive unless you consider destroying the country and its history constructive.  This week an African American Democratic state lawmaker called for the assassination of President Trump.  That’s horrific; and I wonder what would have happened to a Caucasian lawmaker if they had called for the assassination of President Obama. What a badge of honor for the Democratic Party.

The Raunchy Republicans living in their do nothing world.  Some of them earned the name raunchy because what they are doing to undermine the President is nothing short of raunchy.  They do nothing to help him but rather stand back in the wings waiting for the opportunity to criticize him, or ambush his agenda.   These people are traitors to the Republican Party and are ignoring the wishes of the voters that placed them in office.  It offends me that the Democrats are better at governing than the Republicans.  The RR’s can only talk and cannot walk.  How inept the Republicans are that they have 8 years to eat fecal matter, and when they have the chance to eat real food and govern, they squander it away with internal treason.  What is a real shame is that there are some good Republican lawmakers but they are paralyzed by the RR’s and they cannot get any traction with their proposals.   The Republican Party is wasting a generational opportunity because they are too inept to lead.

Last, but certainly not least are the members of the Putrid Press.  I don’t know where to begin with these people that profit from generating hatred, lies, and misinformation.  There is no more reporting the news; it’s now all about creating the news or shaping the information people hear to further the ideology of the people paying them.  There are never two sides presented equally, but one side is preferenced far above the other.  Reporting has deteriorated to lies and innuendos.  Journalism in America is dead.  It has been poisoned with a one sided ideology, the liberal left.   You see these news companies hyping the destruction of our statues; well, where does this end?  Next it will be books in the libraries, then the libraries themselves.  Let’s not stop the purge there; we must continue on to movies, television, and the internet.  The government must control all of these things to stop what?  Racism or to forever erase history.  Do you really believe that?  The PP is just another weapon against democracy being wielded by the left and the socialist.

So where do we go from here?  Well, I would hope that some people will not be manipulated by those who would push to erase history.  Trying to erase history will in no shape or form erase racism and bigotry.   As a matter of fact, trying to erase history will only incite the opposing factions to action as we are currently seeing.  Don’t be used by people that do not care about you and who want to tear down America.  The people inciting this violence only care about increasing their power to control you and censure what you see, hear, and read.  Do not be fooled.

Racism and bigotry will only be lessened over time as young parents teach their children the color of one’s skin does not make the person good or bad; it is only what it is, a color.  As a nation we need to step back and take a deep breath and understand where we started and where we are as a nation.  If you sit down and really think about this, no other nation on earth has accomplished what we have.  I am certainly not saying that we have no more to do, that would not be true, what I am saying is that we have much to be proud of.

We have more to be proud of than ashamed of; and what we will be proud of in the future can only happen if we stop and think about what we are currently doing to our nation.