The Affordable Health Care Act or “Obamacare” was designed to fail from its inception.  Do not be fooled by those that say that they wanted to insure more people.  Fact is; this act was just an interim step to a single payer system or complete government control of healthcare.

Any communist or socialist will tell you the first step towards the end of a free society is for the government to gain control of healthcare.

Immediately following that will be the confiscation of privately held weapons and ammunition, then the confiscation of all private property.

Healthcare is the easiest to conquer because people think that they will get “free” healthcare.  Such a lie, but people are gullible and want something for nothing.  What they don’t realize is that the only people that will get quality healthcare will be those people that control the power.  The average person will get much worse healthcare, if they can get it at all.

Somehow free market economics must be reintroduced into America’s healthcare system.  For too long hospitals, and other support systems of these hospitals have become bloated and inefficient.  The costs have skyrocketed due to abuse and fraud.  Only competition will bring back efficiency and get costs back in control.

Again, healthcare savings accounts must be implemented and designed to accumulate from year to year.  They must be tax deductible and scaled up for families.  Insurance companies must be able to enter whatever markets they wish to enter.

Medicare and Medicaid must be returned to the states with national standards established so that each state must provide a minimum standard of care.  The states could manage these systems better than Washington.

A marketplace for medical services must be created so that a consumer can price medical procedures and get the most for their money.  Doctors get paid faster and with less red tape.

Tort reform must be a part of this legislation to reduce the cost of malpractice insurance that physicians pay and the same reforms must be passed to reduce the lawsuit liability that drug manufacturers face in trying to get new drugs into the marketplace.

We here at  believe in a free market economy.  The medical profession has held itself above this system for too long.  Competition among medical providers is a good thing and will lower costs.  Hopefully we will see more of this with the Trump administration.