Robert Mueller, I have one question of you, when are you going to subpoena Loretta Lynch and have her testify under oath about her conversations regarding Hillary Clinton’s e-mail private server with James Comey?

You have been tasked with finding potentially illegal collusion; well how about casting an eye toward Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice colluding with the Clinton campaign to make sure the FBI was in lock step with the verbiage the campaign was using to describe Clinton’s e-mail problem.

How about the tarmac meeting between Lynch and wild Bill?  It takes 45 minutes to discuss their grandchildren and the plane has to be cleared?  Who is looking at that?

When are you going to subpoena Hillary Clinton regarding her decision to sell our uranium to the Russians and then shortly thereafter the Clinton Foundation receives Russian money in the form of a “donation”?

What myself and many others are seeing is that if you are a Democrat and in a position of power you are exempt from the laws of this country.  You are free to not obey the law, to break the law, or to not enforce the laws that are on the books if they don’t agree with your ideology.  Does anyone out there realize how dangerous a precedent this is setting?  This is a big step towards a totalitarian type government or a dictatorship where the law is what whoever in power says they are.

When one class of people is not held to the same level of accountability under the law as others are, it breeds a lack of respect for the law.  The law and obeying the law becomes optional because people see the leaders of the country not being held accountable.

America, we are in trouble.  When the Obama administration began to use the intelligence community as a political tool to gather information on opponents; disregarding the FISA courts, it is but another weight on the body of America quickening the sinking into the quagmire of lawlessness.

So Robert Mueller, what are you going to do with your independence?  Are you going to pursue the law or will you let the political winds push you around?

I hope you take the high road because the low road is too crowded and they are pulling America down with them.